Today’s symptoms so far:

  • Alternating manic energy and extreme fatigue
  • Clay-coloured stool (from all the Tylenol 3 and Ibuprofen, which means my liver and kidneys are under duress again)
  • Bleedy ass (constipation from ovarian cyst, further exacerbated by all the Tylenol 3)
  • Low-level nausea (probably cyst-related)
  • Easily overheating upon any exertion
  • Racing heart/anxiety (likely due to cabin fever and the manic energetic upswings, halted by not being able to do much with the energy because body won’t cooperate)
  • Continued low back pain
  • Dizziness upon sitting or standing, sometimes when walking (I’ve bumped into walls twice today from loss of balance, and I wasn’t on meds at the time)

The bleeding has subsided once again, as have the uterine/pelvic cramps.

Although I started spotting last Thursday, I didn’t actually start bleeding with normal flow until Sunday. Which means I had two days of heavy flow (Sunday and Monday). I had barely any bleeding on Tuesday until 11:20pm, then I had severe pain and bleeding all night. Woke looking like a ghost this morning and the bleeding subsided again.

This is not normal.

I called my GYN office and left a message asking for advice on cysts and low menstrual flow. I continued searching google for the answer to my question – Can An Ovarian Cyst Stop Menstruation?

I finally found the answer, which is yes, a cyst can stop menstruation.

The next question then is, Does That Mean Blood Is Building Up Behind The Cervix? I.e. I Will Be In For Major Pain When The Cervix Has To Dilate To Pass The Clots Which Have Built Up…

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