I’m back to having to take Tylenol 3 to cope with the pain. :(
I hadn’t had any since yesterday afternoon.

The bleeding ramped up yesterday afternoon, and without realising it, I bled through my thick fabric pad and through my panties. At bedtime, I put on a large overnight pad, and ended up bleeding through that, too. And this was one of the store-bought pads.

This morning and all day so far, I’ve been bleeding heavily, looking pale, and feeling shakey. I was shakey last night too, to the point where I couldn’t even carry out the glass dishes I brought in for a potluck we’d attended, without fear of dropping them.

The pain set in full force about 40 minutes ago. I’m on Tylenol 3 again as I said. Good thing I’m off work for the holidays. I don’t return to work until January 5th. Less guilt that way if I’m missing work due to someone else’s schedule and not my pain issues.

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