Another awesome xmess gift!

Holy crap! My husband’s friend just got me the following booklet for Xmess:
Is Endometriosis Potentially Malignant: Third Japan Conference on Endometriosis, Kanagawa, Japan, April 2000: Proceedings (Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation)
by H. Hoshiai (Editor), et al

I added this to my Amazon wishlist back on December 17th after searching Google news for the latest on Endometriosis, and a link to that conference came up. I was mad that the information, now 8 years old, was not freely available on the web. So I tossed it on my Amazon wishlist.

I can’t wait to pore over this and share the info with Endometriosis forums!

The reason such valuable information is not more widely spoken about is that, according to the Endometriosis Association, there are only so many researchers and scientists devoted to working on diseases associated with malignancy (cancers) and immunological disorders…AIDS being the one which takes up most scientists’ and researchers’ time… so there’s noone and no money left to devote to other pressing illnesses, such as Endometriosis. So articles like the one above are pushed into the background to fade away.
This is unacceptable! I want to be part of the growing number of people who keep this stuff fresh and push for it to continually be looked at!!

And that’s all the rant I have in me now with the pain and medication… but rest assured, there’s more to come!

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