Cyst update

The radiologist said she wasn’t supposed to discuss what she was finding on the ultrasounds but as I rambled on about what I have experienced over the past month and what I knew so far about the cyst, she admitted that from her standpoint, the cyst looks to be getting smaller.


I just need to make sure I keep making that little bugger smaller and smaller til it’s reabsorbed. Until then, my body will likely have the low back pain, nausea and dizziness. I’m still swimmy-headed even now. I did eat today – at my last post, I had leftover palak paneer and rice, and now I’m having a protein bar and am about to make another full meal.

I am feeling a bit emotionally relieved but I will wait to hear what all my GYN says of the ultrasound report, and find out where to go from there. I know it can take months for a cyst to go away. I had one back in July, 2005, and it was only 1cm.
However, two months after it was found, I was still complaining about it.

Past that, I don’t know if it was just the Endometriosis or the cyst exacerbating the Endometriosis, so I didn’t ever notice once it went away. Which means I didn’t leave documentation for myself in the event of future ovarian cysts.

I already have abnormal periods because of Endometriosis, so it makes it hard for me to know when something else is going on. Back then, I blamed the worsening pain on my diet. I was still eating chocolate, sugar, and drinking a lot of coffee back then.

The only reason I knew this time that the pain and weird bleeding pattern had to be a cyst was because of the earlier cyst in 2005.

So that’s a start, I guess.

So now I have something else to get better at – recognising when I have an out of control ovarian cyst, and recognising the markers during its lifespan and deterioration, and eventual reabsorpion.

Oh yeah, and become a buddhist monk while I’m at it, since some authorities believe that anxiety, stress and anger can contribute to ovarian cyst formation. If that’s a leading cause, then I can point the finger straight at my interactions with my father over the past 12 months, because he’s the person I clash with most frequently. He’s the one who told me I was violating the sanctity of marriage by wanting a Halloween-themed wedding, and all the things he said over the past year just got worse from there, and continued after he flew back home again after the wedding. He never said such enraging things to my face, mind you. It’s always from the safe distance through a telephone.

So CLEARLY to avoid future ovarian cysts, I need to stop speaking to my father…or learn to not care about anything he says to me.

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