Feeling much better

This morning, I awoke feeling MUCH better. My energy was back again and I came up with a goal to be bold and start taking the baby for walks again, vertigo and ovarian cyst be damned. I’m tired of all the ‘take it easy’ crap with the Endo, the cyst, and now the vertigo. I’ve not taken the baby on a 2-mile stroller ride up and down those hills since before the wedding. That’s 1.5 months at least.
While getting ready for work, I marvelled at how often I was NOT dizzy this morning, and got happier each minute.

So anyway, I had this plan, and then I got in my car to go to work. I got scared that driving to work with vertigo might be a bad idea, but I’d already missed the bus. So I decided to be preemptive and responsible and take a Meclizine – just one.

Within 20 minutes, likely less, I was super tired. Wiped out. Literally wanting to fall asleep at the wheel. And dizziness returned, albeit mild.
My first thought was that the vertigo had returned despite my best intentions. By the time I got to work, however, I suspected the Meclizine for making me so tired, because as I said, I woke clear and vivacious. So I looked it up.

Sure enough, Meclizine causes such drowsiness that the makers of it advise against using machinery or driving a car while on it! AND, another side effect is DIZZINESS!!! WTF!?

So to answer to my question from my last post, “does fatigue make vertigo worse?” The answer is perhaps, but Meclizine is DEFINITELY what makes vertigo worse. At least for me. Now I know why I slept for so many hours Saturday night, and remained super tired all day yesterday, crashing into bed before my usual bedtime. I had taken 2 Meclizine on Saturday and on Sunday.

Oh and I had diarrhea yesterday and today, when for the past couple of months, despite being on a lot of herbs and vegetables for a detox diet, I’ve been so constipated my butt bleeds, courtesy the ovarian cyst side effects. So having diarrhea twice in as many days, I looked that up too. And sure enough, Meclizine can cause diarrhea.

Other side effects include low blood pressure and racing heart, neither of which I need right now. Remember my Qigong practitioner saying my dizziness was as a result of low blood pressure? Well that was before I went on the Meclizine, but I’d rather not do a self-fulfilling prophecy, mmkay?

Anyway, my last Meclizine was this morning around 6:30am. I’ve not taken another since then, and I did fulfil my goal of taking the baby for a walk. Being out in sunlight was good for me. The daylight savings time change has really made me quite depressed with it getting dark by 4:30pm. It hasn’t helped with my energy level with everything else that’s going on health-wise. The walk wore me out but in a good way. I had more energy later on in the day, and the vertigo seems to be lessening. Yay!

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