Health-related post (Gallstones, Endometriosis)

eet ees confirmed….

Gallstones – I has them.

It’s no surprise to me. I passed a gallstone when I had pancreatitis back in 1993. And in 2007, I had another gallstone attack, which I staved off by eating a shit-ton of green apples, apple cider vinegar, horseradish and chamomile tea. That doesn’t get rid of the stones, though. Just helps to stop the pain.

I totally meet the criteria for gallstones. My body makes too much estrogen as a result of the Endometriosis, and I also these days meet the Four F’s: Fat*, near Forty, Female, Fertile.

So I hope this gallbladder flush gives me some overall pain relief and allergy relief aside from the mid-back and shoulder pain relief.

*The ‘fat’ comment is fact, don’t try to compliment me out of it. ;)
Although I don’t consider myself anywhere near obese, I am in fact fat at 172lbs as the charts go. Normal for my body frame and height (5’5″) should be more like 130-145lbs. ;)

Edit: I wanted to add that I’ve not been having recent gallstone *attacks* to prompt this gallstone flush. I’ve not been in direct acute pain from gallstones. I just figured it was high time I did a detox/flush, and I knew based on the attack I had last year that I’d find stones. It’s only natural given my high-fat diet (mmm cheese, mmm sour cream, mmmm butter…) and all the pain meds I take that I likely always have gallstones going on. IMNSHO, everyone should do a gallstone flush a few times a year.

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