Health update – detox diet done, now the flush

The low back pain has gone away!
The vertigo seems to be fading more and more each day. I still have minor episodes but I’m glad to report it’s going away.

Friday night was the last night of the detox diet, which I’ve been on for the past month. Tonight is the gallbladder/liver flush. So today I need to take it easy. Tonight and tomorrow will be gross. Tomorrow night I will hopefully be recovered from the flush, cuz I have a dinner date!

I went on the detox diet at the advice of my Qigong practitioner, after I’d been feeling so lethargic and had constant kidney pain going back to last spring. After years of hedonism and also after taking so many painkillers for the past 21 years for the Endometriosis, my legs had become swollen and tender to the touch, my sides always hurt, my shoulder was always going out…I felt it was time to detox my body. I was afraid to embark upon this detox and I’ve been putting it off since springtime. After the wedding, I moved full steam ahead and finally took the detox plunge. Tonight is an excellent culmination of the detox, as we’re still on the Full Moon and all… and the Full Moon is, for those of us who believe in such things, an excellent time to release or purge.

I’m told I’ll need to do the detox three to four times a year from now on. I’m looking forward to the next one to see if it begins to help over time with the Endometriosis pain issues, too. Who knows, might as well give this a try – I’ve tried 9867523478076 other things that didn’t work!!

I’m also gonna stop by the local Yoga Station Real Soon Now – do a drop-in session, see how I like it. I just picked up two $.25 yoga VHS from a yard sale recently, too.

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