My calling for 2009

Over the past couple of months, I’ve really felt a need to ramp up the info I put on my Living With Endometriosis website, and I’ve pimped it out to a couple of Endometriosis forums. I’ve also started video blogging about Endo.
Too often, I read on the forums the same ignorance, the same old wives’ tales, the same questions… and always people either don’t have an answer or they have the wrong info. I got tired of it. I wanted to share with people the things I know after many years of trying to help my own self in dealing with the Endometriosis.

Today, while searching for facts on how women with Endometriosis are more prone to getting ovarian cysts, I found a link to EndoChick’s blog, and from there, I hit the motherload of Endometriosis bloggers.

I sure am glad I’m on vacation this week, because now I have the time to devote to checking all these blogs out and adding them to the Living With Endometriosis website. I need to restructure the links in the sidebars on that website, and most importantly, I need to take all my journaling I’ve ever done on my own Endometriosis and put it all in one place over on the Living With Endo site. This will entail creating a blog within a blog. I’m going to contact tech support for help on that…

My calling for 2009 apparently is to become even more involved in the Endometriosis community than I am at present. I don’t feel I have a choice in the matter. I am continually being looked to by fellow Endo sufferers now that I’ve shared a bunch of info. I can’t just step down, now. I obviously have a talent for digging up needed info and sharing it in an understandable way. If the goddamned doctors won’t help us, we have to help ourselves. And if we’re all out in the barren winter wasteland wandering around dazed, looking up at the information overload in the heavens, wondering when it will all make sense, then we’re not being helped. Some of us have to step forward and start making sense of it all. Once we start tightening up the bajillion scattered communities out there and all start to be seated under the same tent, speaking the same language, only then will we truly be helping ourselves, advocating for ourselves, demanding better treatment for ourselves, and finding acceptance with the (currently) incurable and debilitating illness we all share.

2 Responses to “My calling for 2009”

  1. Endochick

    Thanks for the lovely comment you said about my blog in your post. You are right, though, we endo sufferers do have to band together and fight to have our doctors take us seriously.

  2. Jeanne


    First, random side note… I’m glad you found my blog thanks to that endosulfan post and the guy from India defending it as safe. I’ll never forget that 1st email you sent me.

    I’m so glad you found Endochick — to then find the “motherload”. You are too funny!

    On a more serious note, I just love the wording on the latter part of this post. It sounds like you’ve found your “calling”.


    P.S. “I don’t feel I have a choice in the matter”… God, can I relate to that sentiment!! I feel such a huge duty to the “endo community”. It’s rewarding, though. Like you said, someone’s got to do it. Who’s better prepared than those of us who have lived through hell and are here to tell about it, right? :)