#1 I’m feeling better! I have more energy today!

#2 I finally found the portable tabletop washing machine I’ve been after for what seems like years! It’s so hard to find cuz it’s always out of stock or only found in the UK. But today I searched the Interwebs again and voila! I found it back in stock as of last week! WOOOT! IT IS MINE NOW, ALL MINE…

#3 I have been wanting a portable tabletop washer for all the fabric pads I go through each month. I’m sure my husband is tired of being grossed out by me soakin the pads in a bowl and then warshin and wringin em by hand in the bathroom sink. ;)

To all the ladies: If you are not opposed to touching your own ‘issue’, and are into the idea of fabric pads, you should check out the Hag Rags. I’ve never had one fail me yet, and I’ve been using these since 2003. The stitching is tight and durable. She makes overnight (goddess-sized) pads, and pantyliner pads, too!

I started using fabric pads in 2003 after learning that the average store-bought pads are not biodegradable and more to the point, contain dioxins, which are proven to cause cancer and Endometriosis.

Read more about dioxins below:

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