Tipped uterus

I forgot to mention yesterday that the radiologist told me I have a tipped uterus.

My first words out of my mouth were that I knew that already, I’ve assumed it for years.

But later on I realised, this was the first time I’ve ever been told *officially* that I have a tipped uterus. Today I searched back through my various incarnations of online journals – there’s not one mention of me having a tipped uterus. Perhaps I’d mentioned it somewhere in my written journals over the years? In any case, I knew I had a tipped uterus, I’ve known for years, but I probably wasn’t told by doctors til now.

For me, the painful sex set off my gut feeling about having a tipped uterus, and the fact that all the Appalachian women on my ma’s side of the family have thrust-forward abdomen/pelvis and arched/slouched backs. I’d say the lot of us have scoliosis, and I’m sure that lends to tipped uterus all on its own. So I was damned either way – Endometriosis runs in that side of the family, as does scoliosis, as does tipped uterus.

Painful sex because of a tipped uterus, you ask? Yep!
GoAskAlice.com says it best: “Some women who have a retroverted uterus can feel discomfort during sexual intercourse or vaginal penetration at times, because of pressure on the rectum and ligaments of the tailbone.”

It’s amazing what we know about ourselves intuitively if we just take the time to really listen to our bodies.

The one thing I didn’t know until reading up on tipped uterus until now – often it’s the result of having endometriosis! So again, damned no matter what with them Appalachian genes of mine.

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