Horse tranquilizers

Around 9:30-10pm tonight, I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my husband when the pain set in again. Only this time, it was far worse than the pain I’d had all day.

Going by the Mankoski Pain Scale, I was a 7 all day. But tonight, it reached 8.5.

All day, I’d gotten by with Motrin and half a Tylenol 3 at regular dose intervals. But tonight when the pain reached 8.5, I took a full Tylenol 3, did the ‘child’s pose’ yoga pose, stretched my back, did my breathing exercises… none of it helped.

It wasn’t until I took a second Tylenol 3 that the pain slowly diminished. Normally I’d be passed out by now but I’m left with jaw clenching from all the codeine. Not good for my old TMJ problem (going back to the head injury in the car accident in ’94).

My husband wondered if I might be developing a tolerance to the Tylenol 3.


I only take it once a month for a few days at a time. And today, I was stoned silly on just half a Tylenol 3 every 4 hours.

I hope he’s not right.

In any case, the pain finally went away. The bleeding ramped up but not by a lot during the pain spike.

I put myself in all my pain moment on video. First time I did that. I’ll post the video tomorrow.

The reason for the pain spike? I am wondering now if it was the eggs that were mixed into the pad thai I had for dinner. I tried to pick the egg bits out but I probably didn’t get them all.

Last time I ate eggs while menstruating – I had them sunny side up and ate them for dinner – this was in April, 2008 – and I ended up on the floor screaming in pain and had to be taken to E.R..

I’ve got an egg allergy that normally leaves me with racing heart and panic feelings. But when combined with endometriosis flareup, it makes for much danger.

That’s all I can think caused the pain spike tonight. Tiny bits of egg.

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