Pelvic pain, and other pain

I experienced pelvic pain within an hour of being intimate with my husband on Saturday. The pain was dull and continuous, but if I sat down fast or sat on a hard chair, the pain would be immediate, severe and knifing. That only lasted for a moment, then I returned to the dull continuous pain.

Saturday night, we had plans to go out dancing. Even though I was having pelvic pain, I wanted to go out, so off we went.

The pain became moderate within the first couple of songs, and spread to my lower back. And at the same time, my knees began complaining a lot. I have congenitally misaligned knees, which over time have become quite crunchy and arthritic. Normally I know before I go exercising whether I need to wear my knee braces, but this time the pain came on without warning.

Still, being the stubborn person I am, I continued dancing to songs I liked all night.Towards the end of the night, my husband was still boogyin’ on the dance floor and my body just had enough. I tried to walk gracefully off the dancefloor but staggered a bit because my knees were giving out and the pelvic pain was so bad. I felt faint. I had not drank any alcohol tonight at all. The pain had me staggering. I had to go down a set of stairs and holy crap, I thought I was gonna collapse, mostly because of the pain and weakness in my knees though.

I was able to collect everybody (there were three of us) and get us to my car. The drive home was pretty painful for both my knees and my pelvic region. And I realised that now the bulging disks in my neck were joining in the chorus. When we got home, I could barely get out of my car because my knees were so weak and painful.

My question to myself is, is all the pain I’m having stemming from the pelvic pain? Is there a full auto-immune response going on? I have arthritis in my cervical spine cuz of the bulging disks, and also in my knees which are congenitally misaligned.   That’s something for me to research, cuz right now, I gotta get myself medicated and in bed.

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