Sickie update

Yesterday afternoon I started feeling much better. I was convinced that earlier that morning having been the 72-hour mark, that the cold crested and would be going away, now.

However, by the time I got home at 6pm, I was a coughing, phlegmy mess again. The yellow gunk with blood in it returned.

This morning, I felt so horrible that I wasn’t sure I could make it in to work. My phlegm was dark green. I think I felt this badly yesterday, too, but didn’t have the green gunk. I did go to work and instead of getting better with the neti pot flushes and Cepacol and Fisherman’s Friend lozenges that I bought yesterday… I’m getting worse. The green gunk turned back to yellow again but still I feel like absolute crap.

My eyes feel puffy and they hurt. My ears are clogged and hurt from the pressure. The neti pot can’t get through anymore. My head hurts. My neck hurts – I’m convinced that swollen lymph nodes have a negative impact on bulging discs in the cervical spine, cuz my neck feels like it wants to ‘go out’ again.

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