mittelschmerz time again

Yesterday I got mittelschmerz. Yesterday the pain was centered low and up front and center in my pelvic region. Once again, the pain hit exactly 8 days after my last period, and exactly 14 days before the next period is due. This is my fourth month of recording this mid-cycle pain. You’d think that by age 37 I’d have known my body well enough and would have pinned the mid-cycle pain years ago. Alas, no. I’ve known for years I get mittelschmerz, but until now I thought it was willy-nilly. Now I see it has a set pattern. Well, and I guess I was much more in the dark as to symptoms until recent years, since I was also living in constant symptomatic food allergy reaction, which didn’t help with the mittelschmerz or the endometriosis.

Okay okay I’m not a big dummy. I’m a smartie for figuring this out at all! Yeah!

Last night, the pain spread to my lower back, and I took 600mg Ibuprofen for it. Mittelschmerz for me lasts 2-3 days. I had extensive adhesions and endometriosis on my left ovary at the time of surgery in 2007. My surgeon had to pry my ovary off the back of my uterus, because the endometriosis adhesions had twisted it around and stuck it there over many years. I still get most of my ovarian pain and ovarian cysts on the left side.

This morning, the pain spread to both ovaries, and now I’m feeling pain from my vagina to my vulva and it’s trying to extend to my left upper leg.
I’m also really tired, though I still managed to take the baby I care for for an hour-long stroller ride yesterday..up hill both ways where I work…

Today, not the case. No stroller rides. I’m beat. Doesn’t help that I’m not giving myself enough sleep at night. I’m falling into the trap that a lot of endometriosis bloggers do – “Must get info out NOW! People must know about this NOW! The timing is critical!”
I spoke with fellow blogger Melissa via facebook today – even when she is in the worst shape herself, she was able to give advice and help another (read: me!) to stop stressing so much. She’s a very strong woman. We endo sufferers are stronger than most, I must say.
I’m super glad I am now getting to know some of these warrior women online.

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