Six Things That Make Me Smile

I was tagged by fellow endometriosis blogger Jeanne last week, and I’m able to reply now that I’m out of the black pit of pain and being bedridden! That alone should count for smiles I think!

So here goes… Six Things That Make Me Smile

1. The sound of my husband’s voice and the silly things he says.

2. My cats purring.

3. The smell of the datura flowers blooming on a summer evening. There’s a huge datura bush right outside our front window.

4. Seeing the progress a child under my care makes at any given task.

5. Getting updates of pictures of my niece and nephews (they live over 2,000 miles away from me).

6. People constantly being shocked that I’m the age that I am, because they think I’m 10 years younger.

The rules are that I’m supposed to link back to the person who tagged me (check) and tag other people in this entry.
I’m not going to tag anyone cuz I’m lame. Feel free to consider yourself tagged if you are reading this and have not done this meme, yet!

One Response to “Six Things That Make Me Smile”

  1. Jeanne


    You’re not lame. I didn’t follow the rules as written myself but picked you because I wanted to make you smile, because your hard work for the endo cause makes me smile, and just, really, because I want people to find your writings!!

    I was never on this part of your site until I read what you posted today. I’m so glad you made me aware that this is here. Wow! I was blown away when I first saw that arichive list!!!

    Take care and smile!

    Jeanne :)