Doing okay

Today at work I only got mild pelvic pain and intermittent sharp pains on the right lower quadrant. I’ve also been getting pain every so often which shoots from my pelvic region to my arse again. My energy level however has been good today. I got home from work and did two loads of laundry and made dinner for four – for the purpose of leftovers. I’m using the thai stir fry recipe from the Endometriosis Diet ebook I bought.

Tomorrow night, I’ll make cornish hen. Hopefully I’ll have enough food to last through the weekend and into next week.

With the pains I listed above, those aren’t actually the ones that are really bothering me today. My upper back and knees are killing me. To top it off, I torqued my knee pretty good when I got home from work – just by turning to the side to get out of my chair after checking mail real quick. The upper back – I dunno – from lifting the baby or sitting hunched over on the couch typing on a laptop while the baby naps, probably.

It’s nearly time for bed – gotta fetch the laundry from the dryer, shower and get ready for tomorrow. Only four more days left with this family before I’m on to a new gig – I’ve been sending out resumes and advertising myself like a madwoman. I even called the agency and had them reactivate me. I really hope a new nanny job comes along in the next two to three weeks. Babysitting for a couple hours here and there is not going to tide me over.

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