Feeling better

Today I am feeling better.

Saturday morning, I had a revelation – getting pain two weeks before menses is due IS actually normal for me! It’s how it was for me all those years before I had surgery.

I noted it in May, 2006 and in July, 2006, a year before my surgery.

*big sigh*

So I had two good years, if you can call them good. I never experienced complete pain relief, but the surgery did at least some good: I did gain a week and a half of my life back every month for two years.

After five days of being in moderate pelvic pain, culminating with me taking a total of 1,800mg of ibuprofen on Saturday throughout the day, and capping it off with a Tylenol 3 and a heating pad….

Today I woke up in no pain and stayed that way all day.

And get this – last night I ate like complete crap. I ate gluten-free cookies, I ate Cheetos (first time in many months), I ate chocolate pudding… all that you’d think I’d be in screaming pain. But no. I ate this stuff while already being in pain. And then today – no pain. So it doesn’t matter what I do for dietary management. The pain will happen no matter what I do. This doesn’t mean I’m going to embark on a diet of chocolate cookies and cheetos – it just means I won’t be so hard on myself anymore when I don’t stick to a strict diet in some aspects. And of course with the gluten and yeast allergies anyway, I still do have to keep a strict diet.

I’m eight days away from menses. Will I stay pain-free until then? Will I experience debilitating pain on my last week on the job? Today I feel great, tomorrow I have no idea.

On Friday, the on-call GYN said it is normal with endometriosis as bad as mine to get mid-cycle pain that lasts that long, and she was right. I’d forgotten, is all. I used to get it like this before surgery. I had two good years before the shit started growing back again badly.

Time to start researching Dr. Cook, who is local, Dr. Redwine, who’s up in Oregon, and the Center for Endometriosis Care out in Georgia, because I am NOT going to go through just any OB/GYN surgeon ever again.

…annnd my ears just began stinging and feeling hot to the touch, and looking in the mirror I see they are both beet red.
I know from experience that this is a hormonal or immunological thing with me.
I had sushi for dinner with wheat-free soy sauce. However, soy sauce has phytoestrogens and yeast in it. So I’m likely having a reaction. Better my ears than my gut, I always say.
..ugh..now getting a headache and red itchy upper cheeks. :(

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