Downtime is near

This morning as I was talking to my husband and getting ready for work, I was suddenly seized with a full scale hypoglycemic attack. It started with headache, brain fog and then nausea, bam bam bam one after the other. Then I felt weak and shaky. Then the uterine cramps set in. This happens every month right before my period. Sometimes for a day, sometimes for three days, maybe more. The hormonal system is out of whack.
I tried to eat some protein to no avail. I called in sick to work, telling them I’d be late and unsure if I would make it in at all. I drank a glass of goat milk and ate a single pancake.

I did go to work because I’m stubborn. I was an hour late but I went in and worked til my normal time.

It was 85°F – 92°F in the outdoor classroom today, depending on where I stood. The half-enclosed outdoor space is horribly configured for air flow. I had two portable air conditioners running. One had a cyclone fan in front of it to push cold air further into the center of the room. I had two other fans stationed on a wall, and had the sliding plastic doors open to allow air to flow in from the opposite wall. It offered little relief.

Tonight I tried but could not get even 1/4 way through the yoga video due to how seized up the body is becoming in preparation for bedridden time. Stupid endometriosis. I need muscle and connective tissue rehab.

Blah. This isn’t the first of the downtime. It actually started on Tuesday, Sept 1st.
On Monday, I felt great and got a lot done. I was consciously grateful the entire day for my energy and health! Tuesday morning I felt like a mack truck ran over me – my shoulders, my entire back, and my pelvic region felt like it had all been beaten up. I did not bicycle to work that day.
This small blog post sums up exactly what I go through on a regular basis. It is written by a woman named Stacy, who guest-blogged on Jeanne’s endo blog:

It is after 9:00 pm and I am writing this from my office desk. I have been at this desk for more than twelve hours today. I’m plugging away as fast as I can. I may sound like a workaholic but what I am is a working woman battling an auto-immune disease. Fibromyalgia and I are at war. I feel good today and haven’t even had to take ibuprofen so I am going to squeeze in as much work as I can. I know that a pain filled, completely exhausted day is on the horizon so I am doing what I can while I am able to focus. I have a fairly high level and very high stress sales position and I don’t want to give it up; so I work when I can and leave early to cuddle up in soft flannel pajamas on my feather bed topped cuddly bed when I am not able to work. I hope that someday in my lifetime there will be a better way to fight auto-immune diseases but in the meantime, this is my way.

I am stronger than my illnesses in my mind and today my body is matching that thought.

Yesterday was Day 2 of not being able to bicycle to work because my body is no longer cooperating. It’s a ‘spoons’ issue: I can either bicycle OR be on my feet all day supervising children, but not both.
Same thing today, magnified, since I was an hour late getting in to work because of the hypoglycemic attack and pelvic pain.

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