Oh what now

I was at work on my birthday (Thursday, September 17) monitoring the children at lunchtime, when suddenly I was doubled over in sharp shooting pains in my bladder region.

The pains continued intermittently for several minutes, and then disappeared for the rest of the work day.

Three days earlier, I’d had some bladder pain, too. The pain was about six days following the end of my last period, and I had said it was either due to trying to do yoga first thing in the morning, or perhaps it was mid-cycle pain already.

After the severe pain had passed on September 17, I went to the bathroom to check on myself and found lots of milky-coloured, sticky discharge. My first thought was that the cervicitis was back. But the pain felt lower and definitely more frontal – in the bladder.

It is possible with how hot it’s been outside, and all the running around I do when working with children, that I’ve given myself a bladder infection because I let myself go for too long before rehydrating, before using the bathroom, and well on top of it all, I’ve been sweating through my cotton underwear and forgetting to bring an extra clean, dry pair to work with me.

On Friday, I brought extra undies and changed into them by lunchtime, but still, the damage is done and I’m not sure yet if I caused whatever infection is happening, or if it’s just manifested on its own.

Then, this morning I woke up feeling like a mack truck ran over me. I had low back pain so severe that I wanted to cry. I got out of bed and sat on the couch with a pillow behind my back. The pain dissipated between that and then taking a nice, hot shower.
However, as I was putting my clothes on, I experienced pain in my left scapula, which radiated to under the back of my ribs. It was hard to breathe. At one point I sneezed and thought I would cry. The pain lasted for the better part of the day, with the severe low back pain returning on top of the shoulder/rib pain. Around 4:30pm, the shoulder/rib pain was gone again and it was mostly low back pain. By the time I got home from a birthday outing for a friend – around 6pm – it was back to shoulder pain AND low back pain again, and that’s where it’s been ever since.

I’m mad because as of September 16, I thought I had around 11 good days left before bedridden time again. And then the next day, POW, pain that made me double over. Three days later – today – POW, alternating pain from low back to upper left shoulder to low back to pelvis… lather, rinse, repeat.

I would say welcome to Living With Endometriosis – women are more prone to bladder infections and a condition known as Interstitial cystitis (IC). But the thing is, I’m NOT having the main problem associated with bladder infections or IC – painful urination.

I looked up Urinary Tract Infection, Candidiasis, Cervicitis and Interstitial Cystitis – what I’m experiencing doesn’t fit any of those conditions.
I even looked up kidney infection – nope, not what I’m going through aside from the flank pain.

The only thing left which has more than one symptoms similarity for me would be Mittelschmerz – which I first proposed back on September 14.

Other than that…if the pain persists, the next ‘only other’ could be ovarian cancer. Whatever. I already have a prescription to go get a CA 125 test and I’m prepared emotionally WHEN it comes back as elevated level.

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