Some pelvic pain today

Towards 3pm today I had some twinges of pain which felt like it was in both sides of my pelvic bones – what is that called, the ilium? The two bones that protrude in the front pelvic region. Anyway…

When I was on my way home from an appointment around 4:30pm, the pain got worse. It felt like I felt pain in the bones themselves, which sent stabs of pain intermittently to my uterus and bladder, and then down my legs. The pain in the legs feels like muscle and bone pain. The pain radiates to my knees and sometimes as far as the tops of my feet. The pain is still happening right now as I type. It gets worse at times, then tapers, then returns.

Today is somewhere between Day 6 and Day 8 of the new cycle, and every menstrual month around Day 8 of the new cycle, I get pelvic pain. Usually it’s unmistakable ovarian pain, with severe pinching on one side, but sometimes both sides (ovulation).

The pain today is unusual. On the pain scale, I’d rate the pain between 2 and 4.

I’m wondering if the pain is not due to ovulation, perhaps it’s due to me trying to do yoga first thing this morning. When I woke up, I went straight to the living room and laid down on my back with my knees up. I tried to relax into the floor but it was very difficult because my body always tries to curl up on itself even when I sleep. So I laid on the yoga mat for several minutes, trying to get my back to loosen. It refused and began to hurt, so I slowly sat up. I sat with my legs out in front of me, trying to sit straight up. Again, a major fight. I slowly got up and stood with arms outstretched and just held that stance. My entire back started hating me at that point. It’s like nothing I did helped – only made the discomfort worse.

I’m off to take some Ibuprofen, and to figure out if any stretching would be beneficial tonight before bed. Wish I had a hot tub.

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