Today so far and a note about hysterectomy

The low back pain was so intense that I rolled out of bed around 8:30am this morning and hobbled like a little old lady to the microwave so I could heat up my corn heating pad.
Today again I have been refusing medication. I’m continually testing how much pain I can withstand before taking meds. This is much easier to do when I’m not moving around doing housework or chasing after young children at work.

Around 11:30am, I got tired of being couch-ridden, so I got up and carefully loaded up a basket of laundry. I placed the basket onto a luggage dolly and took the laundry out to the back of the house to the little shared laundry room. By the time I got back inside the house, the bleeding and cramping had returned. That’s all it takes to set off the pain.

Still stubborn, I set my meds out but did not take them. Instead, I set about cleaning under the kitchen sink, which was still a mess after the last ant invasion. I removed all the items under the sink, sponge-cleaned it, carefully applied a new layer of AntEater along the back wall, and replaced and organised the items.

Next, I took care of the food recyclables in the fridge and took inventory of what grocery shopping needs to be done tonight or tomorrow, and then I had a light lunch.

It is now 1:30pm and I am finally crying ‘uncle’. I will take the ibuprofen and Tylenol 3. But this makes me mad, because now I’ll be a useless zombie for hours. My husband will be home from a gaming convention in the next hour, and I wanted to go to Daiso. Perhaps we’ll go anyway, even with me as a zombie.

All day I have tried to stretch out my back to no avail. It’s so locked up and painful. I cry out in pain to just arch my back a teeny bit. My body wants to completely fold in on itself like a rollie-polie.

One thing I forgot to mention was that on Friday, Doctor Bernard-Pearl, the gynecologist who referred me to the oncologist, called me back about my cervix question. She told me that I do have an ectropion cervix, but it’s not something to be worried about. She said she sees this all the time in women, and told me that basically my cervix looks like a 16-year-old’s cervix to her, where ectropion is quite common in teens. She said it is in no way tied to the cervicitis issue, and to not be worried.
Then we discussed my visit to her referral. I told her how arrogant the surgeon was, and that she wanted me under the knife ASAP, to remove the uterus, the ovaries and the cervix as the only ‘cure’ for endometriosis and my pelvic pain in general.

Well wouldn’t you know, Dr. Bernard-Pearl was shocked! She was disappointed! She told me she would never have referred me to this surgeon if all that would be offered was total hysterectomy. She told me she does NOT think hysterectomy is the answer for me. She told me that the gynecological oncologist she referred me to is one of the best excision surgeons around, and that’s why she sent me to see that surgeon – for excision – not hysterectomy.
She then asked me if that surgeon had any other alternatives to offer me, such as medicinal treatment. I told her no, the surgeon outright refused and referred me to yet another doctor – Pollycove – who might treat medicinally.
My gynecologist huffed, and said she herself could just keep treating medicinally at this point. She apologised to me and expressed again her disappointment, saying that this gynecological oncologist is one of the best surgeons in the region, along with Dr. Nezhat.

I fell silent at that point. My own gyn likes and respects Dr. Nezhat?!?

I drew a breath, then told her not to refer me to Nezhat next, cuz I refuse to see him – he has too many lawsuits and has a shady past and I won’t have any of it. I asked if she knew Dr. Cook. She said no. I asked her if she knew Dr. Redwine. She said no. I sighed. I told her I’d seek out Dr. Redwine myself, then, since of the two, he’s more well known and openly respected on the endometriosis forums.

So that’s that. I will continue medicating and trying yoga and Qigong and other stuff to manage the pain, and save up money and vacation time to go to Portland to see Dr. Redwine.

2 Responses to “Today so far and a note about hysterectomy”

  1. J

    If you can’t make it to Redwine I’ll recommend Cook… I’ve had recurring endo unfortunately (though not surprisingly) but my surgery experience was great, and he actually diagnosed some other issues in me as well, and warned me I’d end up with lupus. I’m not a fan of his (nonmedical) office staff…. but his medical personnel are all wonderful, and so is he! :)

  2. steph

    Holy crap, thank you! He warned you you’d end up with lupus? Please tell me more! I don’t know much at all about Lupus, but my old friend from high school just got back in touch with me, and told me she’s got Lupus and Endo. I’m hearing more and more that the two illnesses often go together.