Trying out Vicoprofen

It’s been a long weekend. Hell it’s been a long week. I have experienced severe pain and mild nausea every other day since last Monday. I missed work every other day last week. This is not normal for my cycle. Someone asked me if perhaps I have another ovarian cyst on top of the usual menstrual cycle – I would not be surprised if this is the case.

Let’s recap: spotting on Sunday Sept. 27 until Thursday Oct. 1.

Moderate flow developing to heavy flow on Oct. 1. Bedridden Oct. 1 as of 8:30pm and all day Oct. 2.

Heavy flow on Oct. 3 but pain stayed around 4.5 on the pain scale for much of the day, spiking to 6 a couple of times. I spent that day in class (I’m taking a Teacher level Montessori Practical Life class through the end of this month) and forced myself to make it through the entire day.

The pain and bleeding subsided by around 6pm on Oct. 3 and I felt well enough to consider going out dancing, if you can even believe that. I decided to take it easy and not mess with my good fortune, and went to a movie with my husband and a friend, instead. We saw Zombieland – haven’t laughed that hard in awhile. :)

The pain and bleeding never returned for the rest of the night.

I woke to pain on Sunday morning around 10am. The bleeding returned in a gush, as did the nausea. I forced myself to eat something so I could take the Vicoprofen I just got on Friday.

The pain hovered around 6.5 on the pain scale, but I decided to take only a quarter of the Vicoprofen and see how that would affect me, since when I tried half a pill on Friday, it knocked me completely out for hours.

A quarter of a pill did nothing for me even after half an hour, so while riding in the car with my husband to run errands, I took another quarter pill and waited.
Again a half an hour went by, and by this time I was crying from the pain, so I took another quarter pill. That one finally kicked in with the other quarters and I was dizzy and stoned.
My husband dropped me home when I could no longer stay upright, but I could not sleep. I was antsy and headachey and my eyes hurt and I was moody and had the nesting MUST CLEAN air about me. I cleaned the counter top in the kitchen, the bathroom sink, and THEN passed out for half hour to 45 minutes.

I got up after my husband went off to game night with his buddies. The bleeding had subsided again, but my head and eyes still hurt. I made myself dinner and felt comforted by the lovely smell of cornish hen cooking in the oven. I ate that entire hen. ;)

Immediately after eating, the pain returned once more, but the bleeding hasn’t ramped back up. I didn’t want to chance it, though, so I took half a Vicoprofen and inside of 20 minutes I was stoned. I had just enough time to type up this journal entry before becoming too stoned to carry on.

Someone had suggested a few months ago that I try Vicoprofen instead of Tylenol 3 – for two reasons: 1) My liver enzymes were really high in January 2008 and the doctor thinks it’s from taking Tylenol 3 every month for the past few years. 2) The FDA wants to ban opioid/acetaminophen combos because of the danger of liver damage/failure in patients.
So last week I called my gynecologist and asked to try Vicoprofen. Curiously, she said she’d never heard of the stuff before. She’s the same doctor who has let me run the gamut of meds to treat the endometriosis pain, so of course she said yes to the Vicoprofen.
I was bedridden on Friday but my neighbor was nice enough to go pick up the prescription for me.

The test run with Vicoprofen so far has vague similarities to when I was taking Darvon back in November/December 2007 and Codeine Sulfate back in February, 2008; in the past two days I have experienced headaches, jaw pain, heart palpitations, and anxiety leading close to panic attacks. I knew better than to take a whole pill at once, otherwise I’d have also experienced the feeling of being drowned/suffocated as hydrocodone is wont to do to me. I would like to note that although I’ve had strange dreams, I have not had horrible nightmares while on this medication.

I really hope all the pain and bleeding is over by tomorrow, because I need to go back to work or else the axe hangs ever closer regarding attendance issues again. I have not been threatened on this job for missing work on account of my illness, but it’s a constant fear that it’s only a matter of time. I’ve been with this school for 5.5 months. I’d like to make it to a year and start feeling comfortable and secure in my job placement.

I will continue to report on any side effects I may have with the Vicoprofen. Right now on half a pill, I can still feel the low back pain clearly, but the pelvic pain has subsided. I can still feel pain in my eyes and head. I’m very tired, getting shaky and dizzy because of my refusal to go lie down when on this medicine. So I’m gonna quit now and go lie down.

Oh…wait… before I forget – last month two different people suggested things for me to try to quell/cure the endometriosis pain. One suggested I go to Lourdes, France and bathe in the healing waters. Another suggested I try biofeedback. As you know, I keep a list of things I’ve tried to combat the pain of endometriosis, and I keep this list not just for me but to show others who ask “have you tried” that yes, more than likely I have in fact tried it. However, I won’t be able to afford a trip to Southern France anytime soon, so Lourdes isn’t feasible. Nor am I Catholic, nor do I believe in ‘miracles’, so Lourdes isn’t believable.
The biofeedback thing though has merit – in Susan Lark’s Fibroid Tumors and Endometriosis Self-help Book, she talks about the aid of biofeedback in managing pain.

So I’ll motivate myself to try that and add it to my list.

Suggestions are always welcome. Check my list first before suggesting I try this or that remedy. Some suggestions may be refused – with explanation as to why.

I really gotta go fall over now. Good night.

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