It’s that time again

I stopped bicycling to work yesterday. I had a good run of 10 consecutive work days in which I biked to and from work (even when dealing with pelvic pain)! I think this is a record.

I’ve been having cervical and general pelvic pain since November 8th – the last time my husband and I were intimate. As I’d mentioned before, being intimate often sets off the endometriosis pain. Having pain since the 8th means that I’ve had pain for 11 straight days leading up to george, who is 2 days early.

The fatigue, muscle and joint pain started on Monday – I’d ridden the same route I’ve been riding – one mile each way – but I was really winded on the way to work. I chalked it up to the Bay Area having a moderate air day (particulate matter was up). The muscle and joint pain set in once I got home – it felt like I’d spent the last three days working out in the gym.

Tuesday morning, the weak legs and nausea began. I want to say I’ve been experiencing mild nausea on and off since the 12th, but I didn’t document anything past the 12th insofar as nausea. Anyway, Tuesday morning I had nausea and my legs were super weak, so I drove to work instead of bicycling. I got to work and the rest of my body felt weak and tired. I was taking down the fasteners from the top of a partition wall, which seals off my outdoor classroom when not in use, and I injured myself because I was so weak. It’s hard to explain – the partition wall has fabric panels on it which were painted with some weather-proofing paint, and now the fabric is hard and sharp – jagged in some areas. My hand came down from the top of the wall and sort of slid down the wall because I was feeling weak.

The hand sliding down the wall of course scraped against the wall, and I managed to split open four of my five fingers on my right hand. It felt like a razor – the bleeding began immediately. I had to wear band-aids on my fingers all day and all last night.

I made it through a full day of work yesterday, and even stayed an hour late to do some homework, even though I was exhausted.

This morning I had a hard time waking up. My body still felt seriously exhausted, but I forced myself out of bed and drove to work. The shooting pains started around 11am today. I popped 400mg Ibuprofen gel caps and resumed work.
The spotting started around 2pm, just as I was preparing to open the afternoon class.
I forced myself to stay two hours late after work, to get some more homework done, and to make sure the classroom was fully prepped and clean for tomorrow. I even left notes to my co-teacher about class and curriculum-related things I’m supposed to talk to her about tomorrow, in the event I cannot make it in.

I got home at 6pm and just could not do any more homework. I thought I’d pass out if I didn’t eat, so I forced myself to make dinner. I really wanted to just order food, but I don’t have the money to do so. My husband just took me grocery shopping last night, and would frown on me asking him for money to order restaurant food.

I made dinner – instead of mac ‘n cheese, I steamed some southern greens, then fried ’em with some baked chicken in some olive oil, and added 1/3 cup of goat’s milk yoghurt which was mixed with fresh pressed garlic. It was a tasty and healthy dinner!

The pain so far has been stabbing but thankfully intermittent. I have not taken any pain medication since 11am.

I need to go to bed – it’s already 10:30pm. Who knows if I’ll be able to go in to work or not tomorrow, but I need to get in bed AS THOUGH I’m going in. I always operate that way. If you ask me if I’m taking the next day off because of the pain, I’ll usually say I don’t know, that it’s hard to know hour by hour, sometimes minute by minute with the pain.

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