A Day In The Life Of One Who Lives With Endometriosis

6:44am – Woke up for work.

7:10am – “I have a bad feeling” – yet I am getting ready for work because there is no pain, no bleeding since yesterday evening.

7:24am – The “I have a bad feeling” is getting worse, took Chinese herbal meds.

7:28am – Went to the bathroom and as I was urinating, the pain and bleeding began.

7:30am – Pacing house, trying to decipher if pain will ramp up or stay steady. If it stays steady, I can manage it with ibuprofen.

7:34am – Calling in sick as pain ramping up too fast to manage with only ibuprofen, bleeding heavy.

7:40am – The pain is an 8 on the pain scale. Doing breathing exercises, took Tylenol 3 – had to run to toilet – had diarrhea (this never happens during menses), lots of bleeding and clots. The pain is mostly in the back of the uterus this time, and it’s affecting the bowels and rectum. The pain is horrifying.

7:47am – Still on the toilet, still massive cramps, bleeding, still having diarrhea. Shaking. Lower back killing.

7:52am – Left the toilet and went back to bed.

7:56am – Began sobbing from the pain, can’t get comfortable in any position. Pain is definitely a 9 on the pain scale. My husband heated two pads for me; a corn pad and a rice pad.


8:13am – Heaving/hyperventilating, but sobs are calming down, trying to get back to breathing exercises.

8:30am – Tylenol 3 kicks in while doing breathing exercises. Finally some relief is found; I am comfortable for a few minutes at a time alternating between lying on my right side and my back.

8:56am – The pain returns – it’s rectal. My husband reheated the heating pads, added an electrical pad to the mix, to get more coverage.

9:15am – I’m back on the toilet – I feel like I should just stay there for the duration of my period.

9am – 5pm was spent in a stoned haze. I slept a lot. I got up once to eat lunch, sometime just before noon, and went back to the bed. I spent the whole day zoning out on the computer when I wasn’t napping, because the drugs had my attention span wiped out. I wanted to get chores done but could not.

Because I was mobile around noon, the pain returned. I took 600mg Advil gelcaps, rather than more Tylenol 3, because I like my liver.

Around 4pm, I took another round of Chinese herbal pills with a glass of warm goat milk mixed with chocolate powder (mmmm Trader Joe’s sipping chocolate).

At 5pm, the new acupuncturist, which was recommended by a friend, paid me a visit at home! It was an hour-long session. The last ten minutes involved needles to the lower back, but this stirred up some low back pain, as well as front/center uterine pain*. She showed me some acupressure points, and taped some acupressure seeds to my body. I am to press and hold the seeds to effect pain relief.

Around 8pm, I ate dinner (freezer food Amy’s brand cheese enchiladas).

At 9:15pm, I took my third round of Chinese herbal pills with water.

Acupressure points to alleviate pelvic pain.


*I just remembered to make note here that the pain that was stirred up was because the needle was in too deep or improperly placed. I ended up with a huge bruise on my backside where the needle had been, and it remained tender, raised, red/purple for three days. – steph on January 3, 2010

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  1. J

    Good idea to journal a day and post it like this.
    Sorry you had such a rough time again… :( ((hugs))