December pain log

On Sunday, December 13, I had started taking the Chinese herbal medication specifically prescribed by my new acupuncturist for the endo pain.

On Monday, December 14, I woke up with pain roughly at a 4 on the pain scale, and pushed through it emotionally to get ready to go to work. I wanted to see if I could make it through a day of work on the Chinese herbs and Ibuprofen alone.

Before work, I lifted TWO mattresses – we had two stacked on on top of the other, and we’ve been wanting to get rid of the old mattress underneath the new one, but have had nowhere to keep it until Bay Area Recycling could come and get it. I needed to get to the mattress below the top mattress, and stand it up on end so that it could be moved out of the house.
My husband raced into the bedroom after I’d already moved the mattresses, and in a panic he cried out, “I was going to do that!!!” I told him it was alright, and went off to work. I really did not want to leave him to do all the work. He still had to get the danged thing out of the house on his own.
After having moved the mattresses, the pain ramped up to a 5 on the scale, but I pushed through it, because I’d already taken the herbs and Ibuprofen.

While at work, a four-year-old boy threw sand in another boy’s hair, and when I asked him why he’d done that, he refused to look at me and kept playing in the sandbox. I told him, “You may leave our (outdoor) classroom and go back to your class, now.”

He ignored me.

I got right next to him and said his name, and repeated myself. He stopped playing in the sand and turned his back on me.
I said, “Either you can walk back to your room or I can carry you.” He folded his arms, so I picked him up and carried him in my arms like a baby back to his class. I set him down outside his door, and said, “Ok, go on in”.
At this point, he had a meltdown and began screaming that I would not pick him up again. He bent double and refused to go inside the classroom. His teachers obviously did not hear him outside the door wailing, so I picked him up again and carried him inside the room. He fought this time, kicking and screaming, so I got him into the room and set him down right in front of a pillow chair. He crumpled down into the chair head first and wailed. I explained to the assistant teacher what happened and she gave me a look that said, “ah yes, this happens all the time” and I left the room as she walked away from the boy, not even speaking to him (probably letting him get it all out before she addressed him – the teachers are not mean).

I relay all this info about my day to shed light on the fact that I lifted a child not once but twice, after having lifted two mattresses earlier in the day, all while menstruating. The pain level of course increased after lifting the child, but not enough to be debilitating.

A half an hour later, I was scrubbing tables and closing up the outdoor classroom. Another half hour later, I was on lunch duty. The pain ramped up while I was on the playground supervising children at recess. I did not pick up children. I did not run after children. I did a lot of kneeling and bending to talk to children between lunchtime and recess, though, and this is what really set off the pain.

What truly stirred the hornet’s nest however was the cleanup after recess, in which I was left with the sweeping. Go on, go get a broom right now and start sweeping. Pay attention to your sides and pelvic muscles. Seriously, that did me in. After sweeping, I collected my things, told my co-teacher in a shaky voice that I was leaving early, would not be holding afternoon outdoor class, and would likely not be in on Tuesday, either. She told me she would close up the rest of the room for me and I thanked her. I notified everyone else who needed to be notified of my leaving, and the secretary and financial director grilled me about my mental condition before letting me leave. They wanted to make sure I was not incoherent from the pain. They watched me swallow half a Tylenol 3 to allay their fears that the pain would claim me before I got home. I promised I would call them when I got home.

Every step I took walking the block and a half back to my car was excruciating. I called my husband to let him know I was coming home early, since he was already working from home, anyway. My voice was shaky and I was rapidly losing coherent thought. I got to my car and made it safely home, and called work to let them know I’d made it.
When I got home, I took the second half of the Tylenol 3, and spent the rest of the day bedridden and napping. Every time I got out of bed, the pain and bleeding ramped up.

I did manage to place calls to a pain management specialist and a gynecologist, in order to get that scratched off my list, because my current gynecologist has made it abundantly clear in the last 12 months that she is done trying to help me medicate for endometriosis, and has given me til January or February to get a pain management specialist to help me, instead of calling her for Tylenol 3 refills every couple to few months.

My husband went to the grocery for me and even made dinner for me. We watched some TV together and then I tried to go to bed and couldn’t, because I’d napped on and off all day. I uploaded some pictures from a weekend trip we’d just taken, and then went to bed.

In all, I had ONE Tylenol 3 pill total on Monday, and I took my Chinese herbs TWICE. I took Ibuprofen TWICE.

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