Sunday – Day 4

My husband woke with very little hangover, shockingly enough. I woke with the usual low back and neck pain. The bleeding had stopped again.

Around 12pm, we ate breakfast. I had made Trader Joe’s gluten-free pancakes, and my husband had cooked up some Trader Joe’s Smoked Chicken Apple Chardonnay sausages. Mmm, mmm good!

We puttered around the house, and around 2pm, I tried doing some laundry. Well, within half an hour, that put me back to square one with the pain and bleeding. I passed a lot of clots. It was around 2pm that I took 600mg Ibuprofen gel caps. An hour later, the pain was still bad, so I took 1/2 of a Tylenol 3, and I’d been doing acupressure to also try to stop the pain. I was still moving around cuz I’m stubborn. In fact, I took half an hour to 45 minute breaks here and there, but for the most part kept at housecleaning and such.

This evening, I stood for a couple of hours straight while sorting through pictures, before my upper back finally cried uncle and I stopped. The bleeding was diminishing, and stopped after a nice hot shower. I’ve been puttering about at the computer for the past hour to hour and a half.
I did get some weakness in the legs, and some low-level nausea, but the pain and bleeding has not returned, so I’m going to bed.

My gut tells me though that this is not the end of the cycle yet.

Saturday update – my spouse’s birthday

Saturday (yesterday) I had upper and mid-back pain upon waking – I think it’s my pillow again. I got out of bed, stretched slowly, got moving around and felt a lot better. The bleeding had stopped overnight, but I knew it wasn’t the last of it. I went about my morning, anyway, and shortly realised I was very cranky. This is from having taken medication with codeine in it (Tylenol 3). Every month I get angry and aggressive, not just because I’m fed up with being in pain, but as a side effect to the codeine. I react the same way to marijuana, which is why I’ve been hesitant to go and get a medical marijuana card from the local pot club.
I’m also wondering if my upper back and neck pain is attributable to the codeine – I’ve been noticing TMJ symptoms again since being on Tylenol 3 this round.

Because I was cranky, I was snapping at the cats. My spouse asked me to please calm down, because I was making him uneasy on his birthday. So I took the last .5mg pill of my Lorazepam stash.

By the time we got out of the house around 1pm, I had some minor pain again, but was feeling quite mellow from the Lorazepam. As we walked from our car across the street to the computer shop to pick up our laptop and my external drive, however, the pain reached about a 4.5 on the pain scale.

I continued to deteriorate over the course of the afternoon. My spouse got some coffee at our favourite coffee shop (Peerless), and I ordered a raspberry tea. It was quite tasty – and I took some ibuprofen with the tea. When we got home from our errands, it was just about 4pm, so I took a nap while he stepped out to visit his favourite game store.

He woke me at 5pm to tell me we needed to get ready for dinner. He’d organised a sushi outing in honour of his birthday. I dragged myself out of bed, and as I woke up, I felt okay – no cramps. Yay!

While at dinner however, the pain returned. At one point I gasped and clutched the table, and decided enough was enough, so I dug out a half a Tyelnol 3 and swallowed it down with some green tea.

Within half an hour, I began to feel very light-headed, then outright dizzy and floaty. I became concerned for myself, wondering what was bringing this on, since I’d only taken half a Tylenol 3. I wondered if something in the sushi acted as an accelerator for the Tylenol 3. I wondered if I’d not had a full enough stomach when I took the Tylenol 3, then scoffed at that idea.

After dinner, we enjoyed a very nice dessert of gluten-free chocolate decadence cake, purchased earlier that day at Mariposa Bakery. My spouse requested the cake all on his own – I had nothing to do with it. :)
This was the same torte-like cake we had gotten for our one-year wedding anniversary back in October. Everyone got to enjoy a slice, and judging by the empty plates, they all loved it. Even the owner of the sushi restaurant got to have a piece, and asked me where he could get one of those cakes for himself!

After dinner and dessert, we went on to the local tiki bar. I had forgotten my purse in my car, so I went back out to fetch it. By the time I got back inside the bar, I thought I might pass out from the dizziness, and people could actually tell I was not well.
It finally dawned on me what was going on – even though I’d taken .5mg of Lorazepam some six hours before the half Tylenol 3 pill, there obviously was a drug interaction going on. I stepped outside to phone the pharmacy, nearly tripping over people on the way out. My spouse’s friend accompanied me, despite my gentle protests, and waited next to me while I talked to the pharmacist. The pharmacist acknowledged that yes, despite the time lapse, there could still be an interaction, though it shouldn’t be dangerous – it just enhances what side effects are already present in each drug – namely dizziness and fatigue.
I was okayed to take some more Ibuprofen, though.

I went back inside and let everyone know what was going on, and that I’d be fine. People suggested I should go home and rest. I told them meekly that I was afraid to be alone at this point. The pain was ramping up, I was having a drug interaction, and I could not take more Tylenol 3 to combat the pain. So I hung out, and people kept a wary eye on me. Bleh. It’s just, if I passed out, fell and hit my head, or the pain got to be a 10 on the scale, I didn’t want to be alone when it happened – I’d much rather be where people could see it and immediately rush me to the emergency room.

Sometime after 10pm, the pain was too much to bear, and I called it quits. I assured everyone I could drive home myself, that I live only a mile away. My spouse’s friend (the same guy) walked me to my car, and I thanked him. When I got home, I texted the spouse and his friend that I made it home safely.

I was able to sleep deeply on and off, for only about 20 minutes at a time. Then either the endo pain or the neck pain would bother me awake again. I texted my friends from time to time to see how they were all doing at the bar.
My spouse’s friend is so awesome that he also tended to my hubby for the rest of the night, and was the one to bring him home “marinated” – probably sometime after 1am. I thanked him for being such a good friend and hanging out with my husband. They don’t get to hang out enough, those two.

Once my spouse was home, I slept like a log, until sometime near 4am, when the damned cat began howling and scratching at the door again. I think the cat’s got dementia, I swear. He’s nearly 14 years old.

When the pain seeps through the meds

I woke a few times in pain during the night, and generally shifted uneasily in bed for much of the night. Each time the pain woke me, I pressed on the seeds that my acupuncturist had taped to my ears and abdomen to remind me of my pressure points.
The pain reached searing level by 6:45am. Pressing on my abdomen just made me want to scream. I got out of bed and felt nauseated from the pain.
I popped a Tylenol 3, but it did little good. A half an hour later, I took more Tylenol 3 (a half pill this time), ate some leftover gluten-free pancakes with jam, and drank some goat milk.

The pain medication kicked in to make me stoned, but the pain remained for a bit. I was not able to return to bed until around 9am. I napped for nearly an hour, and was startled awake by my cat letting out a sudden, jarring howl. I’m guessing he’d glimpsed himself in the closet mirror again or something. He’s a bit insane.
His howl startled me, which set off an endorphin rush, which in turn flared the cramps.

It’s two hours later and I’m just now ready to head back to bed. The pain had been too intense to sleep until this point. Now the pain is at about a 7 on the scale, and I have a codeine-headache, but I think I’ll be able to sleep for a bit.

Edit: I was able to get back to sleep, and woke up at 2:30pm with a pounding headache, but at least the cramps were gone… :/
At 6pm I still had a pounding headache. I cannot remember how much Tylenol 3 and Ibuprofen I took, but I didn’t want any more of it, so I tried some Jasmine/Green tea, which is caffinated. That worked, and my headache went away.
I went to bed again around 10pm, and woke up sometime after midnight with excruciating low back pain and a new round of cramps. I stayed awake and created my “Doctors I have seen” page, which I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. Interesting, eh? Fifteen doctors in nine years. As I wrote on that page, the high doctor turnover is common with endometriosis patients, because doctors think we are drug seeking, or they don’t believe our pain, or they misdiagnose us, or they present a type of treatment we feel is wrong for us.

Visit to acupuncturist, and not going to work tomorrow

I’ve been on Iburpofen since January 5, pretty much around the clock. On Tuesday, I consumed about 1,200mg before going to bed just after 9pm.

Yesterday, I consumed 1,600mg between 8am and 10pm, averaging 400mg every 4-5 hours. The ibuprofen helped manage the pre-menstrual ovarian stabby really well, but I was super tired all day, and even napped during my lunch break.
I began spotting very lightly yesterday.

Today, over the course of the day, the spotting became light flow. The colour was medium brown and the flow sticky. I consumed 1,600mg between 8am – 4pm alone, and I am here to tell you that it did NOTHING for my friggin pain. I stopped taking the ibuprofen after 4pm, hoping to begin diving into the Tylenol 3 when I got home from work, but my acupuncturist called to remind me that we had an appointment today, which I was late for. Whoops!
Thankfully, she was still open to seeing me for a full session, and so I dragged my sorry ass out of the house again.
As has been the case for me in the past, the acupuncture helped while in session and immediately afterwards, but the pain resumed the moment after I emptied my bladder. See, the endometriosis is very near to, if not on my bladder by now, and it was the “small endometriotic implant on the bladder reflection” which my surgeon refused to excise because she was afraid of rupturing my bladder three years ago.

Anyway, the acupuncture failed to provide pain relief past the first 20 minutes of leaving the practitioner’s office, and this is the second practitioner I have been to. I will continue to see the acupuncturist for awhile, and I will continue to take the prescribed herbs. I think I only saw the last acupunturist less than 10 times.

I would also like to note for posterity that I have had some wicked PMS food cravings over the past week. I feel as though I have been eating my weight in chocolate again. I definitely went through three bags of store-bought gluten-free cookies in the past week. My dinner theme over the past two weeks has been, “if all I ever eat is gluten-free pizza and pad thai again, it will be heaven”.

Tonight I ate shrimp pasta alfredo for dinner (rice pasta), and within the hour, the pain ramped up. This could either be from the shrimp, or it could be that the pain was going to ramp up, anyway.

By 5:30pm this afternoon, the colour of menses was turning from brown to pink to reddish. Now it is a dark red. The flow is ramping up a bit, but the fluid is still a bit sticky. There is a lot of debris. I assume this is due to all the sugar and caffeine I have been ingesting since before the holidays. I know that a sugary diet is what also lends to ovarian cysts. So my goal for 2010 is going to have to be quitting my sugar addiction again.

As of 10pm, I am on Tylenol 3 for the pain, and still shifting uneasily in my chair. I am not in bed with the laptop, as it is in the shop. Sadness.

I am not going in to work tomorrow – I informed the director at the end of my shift today.

I guess the one good thing about all this is that I am not also sick any longer – I’m over the cough and sinus congestion. Well, there is still the continued 99.2°F average temperature I’m still having all day every day. I’m seeing a doctor about that tomorrow.

Now, finally, I think I have updated everything I need to, and I’m off to bed.

The doomtime edges closer

For the last three days, I have been experiencing right side ovarian stabbing pains. It’s intermittent, but enough to take my breath from me.

Yesterday I began taking Ibuprofen gelcaps. This has in the past been known as “premedicating” before the menstrual cycle, in some sort of bid to soften the pain. I am here to tell you it does not work. The premedicating is simply medicating the premenstrual pain, nothing more. One of the myths doctors will tell women with endometriosis is that if they premedicate, the Ibuprofen remains in the system and helps mitigate the pain. What a load of crap. It’s another lie doctors tell because they only want us to be on Ibuprofen – they don’t want to prescribe narcotics or opiates. They don’t want to believe the severe pain we are in.

I have a more protracted rant about doctors and ibuprofen, and I need to port over more diary entries from the old website to this one, but as usual, there’s not enough time in the day. I need to be fed and dressed for work and be out the door in 30 minutes.

Last night around 9pm, my vaginal mucosa turned a pale brown/pink colour. I expected george to be here by today but he’s not. So I Wait For It. He’s officially due tomorrow.

Gotta get to work.

I feel like crap

Today is Day 2 of headache and 99.2F average temp… again.

Honestly I should say the temperature thing is a continuation of what has been going on since December 7, 2009, when I noticed I had a fever from the flu for the first time.

Since December, my temperature has returned to MY normal of 97.5F only once or twice. Since December, my temperature has gotten to 98.6F a handful of times. But the prevailing temperature has been in the 99F range.

This morning when I woke for work, my head hurt, my sinuses hurt, my eyes hurt, my joints ache and my upper back aches – but not in the flu sort of way. My head, sinuses and eyes are likely all tied with either a continuation of the last virus I had, or a new virus caught while back to work yesterday.
The joint pain is because I went dancing for two nights in a row this past weekend. The back pain is because george is due in 48 hours, and so my body is trying to fold in on itself from the top down as it usually does each month.

I have to leave for work in 10 minutes, and yet I feel like my head is going to explode and I feel like I could expel one of my sinus cavities right here on the keyboard. And just in time, the stabbing right side ovarian pain has awakened for its day at work on my body.

It’s 44°F outside, and we have one ambient heat lamp installed, which does absolutely nothing to warm the “outdoor classroom”. The teachers probably won’t want to send me any children when it’s below 55°F, which means I have to float around from classroom to classroom, assisting other teachers all morning. It’s awkward work.

But off I go.

Sick to endo to sick again

On December 5, I developed a mild cough. Two days later, I had the flu. I found out later from a doctor that it was likely H1N1.

A week after getting the flu, I fell ill with endometriosis pain and was bedridden for a few days. I was on a lot of Tylenol 3, which was good not only for the cramps, but also for managing the fever (acetaminophen) and the cough from flu (codeine is great for supressing coughs).

The moment I came off the Tylenol 3, the cough and flu-symptoms returned. And then my husband fell ill with the flu. And then my symptoms turned into a sinus infection. This was the week of December 20. By the end of that same week, I was experiencing Mittelschmerz.

I have all the flu stuff detailed on another journal here and here.

My husband and I began to feel better by December 29, and on NYE we were able to go hang with friends.
On Friday and Saturday (Jan 1 and Jan 2), I went out dancing with my husband, because we were screwed out of our vacation and because it’s the last dancing I’ll likely get to do before falling ill with endometriosis pain again…it’s due by January 7…which is two days before my husband’s birthday.

So I missed work on account of flu, then on account of endo pain right before Christmas/Winter break, and now I’m going to return to work and immediately miss more work on account of endo pain.
Good times. The fear of not having job security continues.