Sunday – Day 4

My husband woke with very little hangover, shockingly enough. I woke with the usual low back and neck pain. The bleeding had stopped again.

Around 12pm, we ate breakfast. I had made Trader Joe’s gluten-free pancakes, and my husband had cooked up some Trader Joe’s Smoked Chicken Apple Chardonnay sausages. Mmm, mmm good!

We puttered around the house, and around 2pm, I tried doing some laundry. Well, within half an hour, that put me back to square one with the pain and bleeding. I passed a lot of clots. It was around 2pm that I took 600mg Ibuprofen gel caps. An hour later, the pain was still bad, so I took 1/2 of a Tylenol 3, and I’d been doing acupressure to also try to stop the pain. I was still moving around cuz I’m stubborn. In fact, I took half an hour to 45 minute breaks here and there, but for the most part kept at housecleaning and such.

This evening, I stood for a couple of hours straight while sorting through pictures, before my upper back finally cried uncle and I stopped. The bleeding was diminishing, and stopped after a nice hot shower. I’ve been puttering about at the computer for the past hour to hour and a half.
I did get some weakness in the legs, and some low-level nausea, but the pain and bleeding has not returned, so I’m going to bed.

My gut tells me though that this is not the end of the cycle yet.

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