The fighting spirit is MIA

I’m feeling bad for myself today.

I saw a new GYN today – his name is Dr. Hank Streitfeld and he was referred to me by two of my co-workers. We went over my surgery report, all the doctors I’ve seen for endo, my diet and herbal remedies, other specialists I’ve seen, my expectations, and what he does, can do and can’t do.

Basically, he thinks both cauterisation type laparoscopy and excision laparoscopy has its place. He prefers Lupron as his drug of choice for fighting endometriosis. He agrees with me that I can’t be on hormones or Lupron to treat the endometriosis; he is able to cite enough studies where women are as sensitive as me to drug therapies and went cuckoo. He agrees with me to steer clear of the Nezhat brothers. He had good things to say about Dr. Andrew Cook and Dr. David Redwine, and he also mentioned a Dr. David Adamson who also does excision surgery – said I should definitely see both him and Cook to get all my questions answered.

Then he told me that due to the lack of pain relief from surgery, I should consider that I might have a condition called adenomyosis. I’ve seen the word mentioned in the endo forums, but never researched it. According to the Mayo Clinic website, “Women who have had prior uterine surgery, such as a C-section or fibroid removal, are at greater risk of adenomyosis.” Well does laparoscopy count as prior uterine surgery? Did I have adenomyosis before the laparoscopy or do I have it as a result of it? Did it just come on naturally in addition to the endometriosis?
Dr. Streitfeld said that adenomyosis may be detectable on an MRI – so that’s something I can consider – cuz the only other ‘real’ diagnosis of adenomyosis comes through removal of the uterus and dissecting it to find whether adenomyosis is present.

Dr. Streitfeld was every bit the cool doctor my co-workers said he would be. I liked his no bullshit demeanor, his relaxed and calm style and his staff. I’ll totally recommend him to people. I’m just sad he couldn’t be the doctor for what I need.

I’m at T-minus 11 days until the next bedridden. Even though I got good referrals out of Dr. Streitfeld, it’s just the idea that I’m still going doctor to doctor, trying to find help for the debilitating endometriosis, and on top of it, now I’m told I should consider the idea that I might have adenomyosis on top of the endometriosis. And so the fighting spirit is drained. I’m crying like a scared child; “Mama, I don’t wanna go to that bad place again!!! Why can’t anybody help me mama?”

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