Three days early, aren’t I lucky.

My last post was Thursday, January 28th, and I began spotting on Friday, January 29th, so I guess I can’t even go by the mucous colouring. Last month it was about 48 hours from the time the mucous turned until menses arrived. This month, it was 16 hours. Well, I dunno though. I was spotting pretty lightly all day – is that day one of menses? Or is Saturday, when the spotting turned to flow the first day of menses?

Traditionally for me, I have held that my first day is when the spotting gets heavier and turns to actual flow. That would make Saturday the first day – which is still three days earlier than my calendar predicted, but right on for what my gut feeling had predicted as early as last Tuesday.

Friday after lunch, around 2pm, I took 2 Harmonizing The Moon Chinese herbal pills, and by 3pm I was a nervous chatterbox, ready to have a manic fit. I had a doctor appointment at 4:30pm and when my pulse was taken it was 88. For me, that is high.

By Friday night I was sobbing, and again Saturday morning I was a crying basketcase because it was 60°F and the sun was out…and I couldn’t be out in it to enjoy it. Again. I told my husband I would count how many warm sunny days I miss in one year to further let people know how this illness impacts my life.

This manic-depressive stuff is very unusual for me. The last time I acted this way was when I was on Yasmin in February 2007.

Saturday morning, the pain was bad enough that I was doing the pressure points and breathing exercises. Around 2:30pm, I took 600mg Advil, half a Tylenol 3, and two Harmonizing pills. No relief half an hour later, and then finally the Tylenol 3 kicked in, but the pain didn’t seem to want to go away. I decided not to take any more Tylenol 3, and instead asked if we could go to a medical marijuana dispensary. My husband was fine with this, so he drove me there.

This is the first time I’ve ever been to a dispensary. I had read what it would be like to enter one, and so I was not surprised by the sight when we drove up to the heavily barbed wire compound in Berkeley. Nor was I surprised about having to show my ID no less than 3 times to enter the front door and each room of the dispensary. I filled out paperwork, added my husband as my caregiver, took a tour, and asked a ton of questions about the various edibles. We came away with some butter and a single serving packet of peppermint mocha mix.

I didn’t want to try out my new groceries right away, since i was still stoned on Tylenol 3, and didn’t know if I’d have any adverse reactions if I also ate something with medical marijuana in it. I’m so extraordinarily sensitive to even over the counter medications, I didn’t want to take any chances. I mean, I’m the one who hallucinates on Tagamet for chrissakes. Check it out, hallucination is listed under rare side effects for that product.
Lucky me. :/

At 7:30pm, I had minimal pain and I took 2 more Harmonizing herbal pills. The pain returned by 8:30pm and was roughly a 6 on the pain scale. I was at a friend’s house when the pain hit, and I stood up and paced for a few minutes, then spent the rest of the time rocking to and fro, trying to do subtle hip circles to work out the pain. It got up to a 7 and fortunately, around 11pm, people began to leave, so I had an out as well. Honestly I didn’t want to leave earlier cuz I was enjoying being around friends. But when everyone suddenly got up to go, I went with.

When I got home, I made a gluten-free waffle and spread some medical butter on it. I believe it was about half an hour before I felt like I could say I was feeling the effects. I didn’t use much butter at all – I didn’t want to chance taking in too much on the first try.

The awesome thing is that my cramps disappeared. Gone.
Not “I was dissociated from the pain” – the cramps effing went away. How awesome is that?
I smiled at my husband and said in a stoned voice, “If I’ve been suffering all these years, and all it took was for me to ingest marijuana by way of food to stop the pain, I’m gonna be real mad.”

Sadly, an hour and a half later, the cramps returned. I’d say I’m about a 3.5 on the pain scale.
Also, about 2 hours after initial ingestion, the high continues to ebb and flow, feeling much stronger at times, making me dizzy.
So the thing is, I need to of course not be at work while on the butter, and I need to keep using as little an amount as I did tonight (I’d say it was a teaspoon or less that I used on the waffle), and I’d need to do this every hour and a half to couple of hours to remain pain-free…but I can’t because the high lasts much longer than the pain relief. I’d get too high and therefore sick on the medication. This presents a problem. Something to think about now is all…

Lastly, my fingers have been splitting open and bleeding, again. I started remembering the 2 Chinese herbal pills twice a day in earnest in the past week. I told my acupuncturist to ask her provider if there is any chance that gluten or yeast could be in the ingredients for both types of pills she has prescribed me.
I am wary of the Chinese herbal pills, and I may decide to stop taking it altogether.

Phew. Let’s hope this post makes sense when I wake up. It’s the middle of the night and I’m still stoned silly.
Current pain is a 2 on the scale.

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