Small victories where they can be had

I just went for a slow 1.5 mile walk with my husband! I haven’t been out of bed due to the pain in 2.5 days, so this is a HUGE accomplishment! We were talking about what to do after dinner, and my legs were restless and twitchy. I began doing slow stretches and my husband said he’d be up for a walk if I was.
It took awhile to get some street clothes on, since I’ve been in pajamas for the past two and a half days. I was winded just putting clothes on, so I felt a bit nervous about venturing out. I took my water bottle with me, and my medication.

We walked down to the beach and stood looking out at the water and the San Francisco skyline. We watched planes coming in for a landing at Oakland airport. After standing for a bit, we walked along the recreational trail just off the beach, and then cut through the shopping center to come back home again. I’m seriously exhausted, some of the pain returned on the walk and I had to take a Tylenol 3 (plus, it was time for my next dose), and my legs wanted to stop moving one in front of the other for the last half mile, but I did it!

Now I go to bed. :)

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