A slow descent

To my awe and wonderment, I was able to work a full day, today.

I was unsure of my body upon waking, since full body joint pain worsens for me just before and during menstruation, but I slowly worked it out like I do every morning, and the pelvic pain did not worsen.

As I left the house to go to work, I felt like I should be looking over my shoulder, in case george was going to run up right behind me and knock me to the ground. But he didn’t.

I did get cramps at work, and I did have to medicate with ibuprofen. Every time I thought, “oh no, the pain is ramping up”, I’d wait a couple of minutes to see just how bad it would get, and the pain would die back down or disappear. This happened several times, today.

I spotted on and off. It’s still light to dark brown. By the time I was preparing to leave work at the end of my shift, the pain began ramping up again. The worst the pain got all day was at the end of my work day, and I took a half a Tylenol 3 the moment I got home. The pain was about a 6 on the pain scale by that time, and even now I am still only barely spotting.

My body feels like it has been in limbo all evening – it wants to be very tired, but my brain is not tired. My body wants to be in pain but it’s just not getting above a 3 or 4 on the pain scale. I took another 600mg ibuprofen this evening to ensure the pain remains minimal.

Oh and my legs and knees are still moderately sore from all the dancing I did last Monday, which doesn’t help with the joint pain issue.

I would love for the bedridden pain to pass me by completely this month. That would rule.

For the last few months, I’ve been referring to myself as Persephone, and telling people I have to take frequent trips to the underworld for a few days each month. Unlike the original story, where she must spend 3 months in the underworld, I spend roughly the same amount of time, but spread out instead of all at once.

If I could draw what the underworld looks like, it would be a cross between Goya and Waterhouse.

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