Friday update

I was able to go back to work on Wednesday. I had minor pelvic pain and was spotting. I was slow moving and tired of course, being that I’d spent the previous four days hopped up on Tylenol 3 and Ibuprofen for all the pain. I survived the day at work, assisted by a total of 1,200mg of Ibuprofen. On my lunch break, I was asked if I could come back that evening for after hours daycare – I said yes because I’d already missed the previous two days of work and felt that I needed the money. It’s hard because my husband makes $80K/yr. I currently make about $18K/yr. That seems like quite a lot of money just from my husband’s income alone, right?
If we only existed on his income though, it would hurt in the state of California, which is quite expensive where we live (Bay Area). I keep saying we should move back to Michigan but one, there’s a lot fewer jobs, two, there’s snow, and three, my native-California-born husband is terrified of Michigan, calling it a cross between Deliverance and Blair Witch Project.
And so here we are, living in sunny California, and I am in my first year as a Montessori teacher, working for peanuts to add to my husband’s income so that we can live comfortably.
Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t NOT work. I’m too much of a spazz to be left on my own all day. I just couldn’t do the housewife thing.

On Thursday, I got moderate pelvic stabbing pain beginning after 4pm (thankfully after I was out of work). I was still spotting bright red, and began to seriously wonder if the last gasp hadn’t occurred on Tuesday and was laying in wait.
Thankfully, I was wrong. The last gasp had in fact happened on Tuesday. What I was experiencing on Thursday was probably due to not having slept well Wednesday night, working a full day on Thursday, complete with a lice outbreak I discovered at the school and me having to be the one to inspect the entire rest of the class’ heads for lice because the head teacher was too wigged out to continue class at that point (thankfully, only the one child had it and was sent home immediately)….and after all that I zoomed across the Bay Bridge to try to make it to my friend’s arbitration meeting in time, and I got a bit lost on San Francisco’s rush hour streets. Just a wee bit of anxiety that day…

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate driving in San Francisco?

I really hate driving in San Francisco.

I guess I could have taken the BART to The City and walked from the station to the arbitration appointment.

Have I ever mentioned my fear of taking public transit alone?

I really hate taking public transit alone, because I’m afraid I’ll get lost. Getting lost as a pedestrian is even more terrifying to me than being lost while driving.

I got through Thursday but came this close to a panic attack after it was all said and done. I nearly ended my sobriety, but thought the better of it and made myself some bedtime tea when I got home. More and more, my body is rejecting the things I’ve loved to eat and drink, be it through allergies or be it through hormonal imbalance setting off more pelvic pain. I can’t really go back to drinking wine or liquor because of the immediate side effects from sulfites, glutens, bad distillation, immediate ovarian and/or uterine cramping (mild but enough to make me uncomfortable)…it all makes it worthwhile to just stay sober for once in my life. I spent too many years as a weekend lush, out at the nightclubs, drinkin and dancin til I blacked out. Yeesh.

I didn’t get to bed til 11:30pm last night, and I didn’t want to get up for work today, because my head teacher was out of town and I knew I’d have to run the entire class on my own.
I did it though! I did it! I managed 17 first and second graders through their scheduled curriculum today, woohoo! And they behaved well for the most part!

At the close of the day today, I was suffering headache because I hadn’t had time to eat lunch, and I hadn’t been drinking enough water. My low and mid back were screaming in pain as well, probably because I was so nervous at having to run the entire class on my own with occasional help when the afternoon supervisor had time from her busy duties. All the teachers are stretched at this school right now. I’m thankful I had help at all. Another teacher came in towards the end of the day and took some papers for grading off my hands. I need to get that woman a gift for that.

So I am sitting here on the couch, my first day no longer spotting. I am still hugely tired and cannot go near a gym until at least Sunday. I am still freezing my ass off, even though it is 70°F in the house.
Despite that, I declare Friday, March 26, 2010 the day I START THE CLOCK for the next cycle, because I’m no longer in pelvic pain, and no longer spotting enough to wear a pad.

The clock is set; I have 18 – 19 days before the next cylon attack bedridden time.

It is the weekend – a weekend I will get to enjoy because I will not be bedridden! Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 71°F. Ahhh, bliss.

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