New header image for my site

Late last night I was searching the web for images of Persephone, since I’ve been using that analogy for the last couple of months to illustrate what it’s like to live with Endometriosis. I had images of hell in my head, images of the underworld, images of women in extreme pain. I had Goya’s art in my head, and Waterhouse’s paintings in my head. Looking at individual works by those artists however did not give me the image my brain was after.

And then I found this image at closet light:

It’s perfect.

I shared this with my husband, who wanted to know more about the artist. We googled the name he used in his reply to me on his site, and found out he’s also on deviantArt. This led me to ask my husband if he’s ever signed up with deviantArt, yet. He hasn’t, so I’m pestering him. :)
In the meantime, some of my husband’s old art can be seen on his website. I’m also pestering him to add his recent work, since he’s like this awesome layout, editing, book design, art department, maps and sometimes writer for Chaosium, Pagan Publishing, and Miskatonic River Press. :D

Thank you, David, for allowing me to use your beautiful artwork on my site. I have given you credit and a link to your site in the footer section of this website.

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