PMS raging

Wow the hormonal imbalance is really working itself today. I have no time to write with my usual grace. It’s already past my bedtime.

Today I felt angsty. I got home from work, hopped on my bike and rode half a mile to the post office, went to bank – can’t cash checks cuz husband let the joint acct lapse w/ no cash in it. I let him have it.
Went to grocery anyway and spent the $20 i had on me. rode home, told hubby i need more groceries.
Drove instead of rode bike to work cuz I’m still crippled from going dancing Monday night.
I did 1.5 hours of after hours daycare at work while some parents had a meeting. i watched five kids. one escaped immediately down the hall and was returned by his mother. i felt like a total failure. apologised profusely. while watching the kids, i had stabby right side ovarian pain again. lasted only a couple minutes.

got home, felt ragey. changed litter box, emptied trash, readied recyclables, emptied and reloaded dishwasher, made a batch of 7 vegetable soup, made a batch of thai coconut soup, baked some chicken breasts.

ate some thai soup, popped a tylenol 3 and 600mg ibuprofen because the joint pain warranted it.

The premenstrual rage and XXTREME NESTING (i.e. cleaning frenzy) isn’t always this bad, but it’s not unusual for me, either.
There’s been food cravings, too. I’ve gone through two bags of gluten free chocolate chip cookies in the past 7 days.

Going to shower and go to bed, now.

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