Set the clock: 19-22 days

So it’s official – I have re-emerged from the underworld to enjoy life once more, for about 19 to 22 days, hopefully consecutively.

After whining about missing two parties Saturday night, I ended up attending yet another party via Skype. My friends in Michigan were having a party and so I chatted with them first on IRC and then on Skype so we could do video/voice instead of chat. :)

And then after that, my husband decided he was going to head over to one of our local friends’ parties, so I said ‘hang on’ and quickly changed out of my pajamas. I was still on Tylenol 3 Saturday night for the pain, though the bleeding was subsiding again. I took it easy at the party, which appeared to be winding down by the time we got there, anyway.

On Sunday, my husband did not have band practice or game night scheduled, so we decided to hang out together and do something other than housework, which we hate. I was feeling much better, so we decided to go for a hike. The walk we’d taken on Friday had struck something in me – I was determined to really get the ball rolling on taking back my body this year – so having lived after going for a walk during the throes of endometriosis, I decided that coming off of all that pain, we’d go hiking. I wanted to be near the ocean, since it was still brimming with energy after the horrific earthquake in Chile had triggered tsunami advisories and warnings.

My husband mapped out Muir Beach, and we headed out.

Of course, that’s when the bleeding and cramps decided to return.

Determined, I loaded up on 600mg ibuprofen gel-caps, extra pads and water, and off we went.

Once there, I was super relieved to know there were portable toilets on site, cuz I really had to go. I wondered if this might ruin my hiking experience if my body was going to keep bleeding and cramping and doing the “i really gotta pee” thing every half hour or less.

Still determined, I used the bathroom and we set off on our hike, no turning back.


I walked reeeeeeally slow and was out of breath almost immediately. I was afraid I wouldn’t even make it to the top of the first hill off the beach, much less try to complete the entire hiking path. People of all ages, including the elderly, passed me as though I were a turtle.


I remarked to my husband that I wished I’d worn my yellow shirt for endometriosis awareness, or a shirt that reads, “I have an incurable debilitating illness”. I felt like I owed people an excuse for why I was so slow. I felt like every person who passed me was judging me. In fact, one yuppie couple did judge us as they passed us. They were talking about fat people and not being in shape and all that, and as they passed us, they stopped talking about the subject. I wanted to yell out HONEY! I SURE AM IN A LOT OF PAIN FROM MY INCURABLE AUTOIMMUNE DISORDER, BUT I COULD GO FOR A HOT FUDGE SUNDAE RIGHT NOW!

heh…maybe next time I’ll be openly snarky.

Throughout the hike, my husband asked me if I needed to stop and rest. He was very patient with me and did not get too far ahead of me at any time. He encouraged me the whole time, despite my fears and insecurities about being able to go very far.


When we got to the top of the next hill, we got an amazing view of the cliffs and the ocean. That’s when I got my courage and strength.


I think we went two to two and a half miles all told, and as the sun was really beginning to set, I told my husband we should turn back around. We had been looking for Pirate’s Cove, but hadn’t found it. I was sad about that, but at the same time I was so proud of myself for how far I had come. On the way back, I had bursts of energy that had me nearly running down the path. Then I tried to leap over a muddy spot, and jarred my pelvis at just the wrong angle, and it set off intense cramps.

The rest of the hike back to the car was painful – I had to urinate, my pelvis hurt, my legs were beginning to shake nearly uncontrollably, and I was getting very cold.


But we made it back! We did it!

We were both so happy to get back to the car – even my husband said he’d gotten quite a workout. I had to pop 600mg more of ibuprofen gel-caps and a half of a Tylenol 3.
To celebrate my awesome trek after having been bedridden 24 hours prior, my husband took us to The Melting Pot, where we ate ourselves into a coma.


3 Responses to “Set the clock: 19-22 days”

  1. Jenny

    Very nice lady! :) Great pictures too! :D
    Sounds like a very good weekend over all!! :D

  2. Nicole

    You are AMAZING!!! GREAT GREAT JOB! Today I unpacked and packed the dishwasher.. i thought that was a feat! haha

  3. steph

    Nicole wrote: You are AMAZING!!! GREAT GREAT JOB! Today I unpacked and packed the dishwasher.. i thought that was a feat! haha

    It gets that way for me, too. :/
    EndoSteph has a dark humour video on that at