Another sunny weekend lost to the pain

George arrived really late Wednesday night and spent the next 18 hours spotting before ramping up the bleeding and pain, so I was able to work on Thursday. That night, the pain and bleeding ramped up, and I spent Friday at home bedridden with heavy flow and cramps.

Today I woke with minimal cramps and although the flow was still heavy, I was able to go get my CPR/First Aid certification class out of the way for work. Two times during the day, I came close to calling it quits – I seriously thought about asking my husband to come pick me up – but I stayed strong and got through the day on half a Tylenol 3 and 600mg Ibuprofen gel caps.

I felt like I was in the bathroom every ten minutes all damned day.

The pain did not ramp up again until dinnertime, when it began to jump up faster than I could think to get my medication down. I was left near tears, waiting for a whole Tylenol 3 to kick in.

Once the medicine did kick in, I became more stoned than I usually am. Interesting, dunno why that happened, but the end result is that the pain abated for nearly two hours before a fresh attack occurred, this time a sudden piercing stab to the left ovary which made me shriek, leap off my bed and clutch myself.

I’m so exhausted. Going to bed, now.

I video blogged what I could, since I don’t usually do vids of me in pain.
Next time I’ll zoom in on the camera if I’m going to do the whole video in the mirror thing again, heh.

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