Mittelschmerz already?!

Yesterday I was cleaning house when suddenly I doubled over in pain. I had to stop and sit down on the couch, and I sat there for the next 30-40 minutes trying to figure out if the pain was going to get worse or go away or what.

The pain finally subsided and I did not take any pain medication for it.

The pain was centered in the low uterus and affected my bladder, cervix and vagina. I had really slippery discharge all day, so I am convinced that this was ovulation, a couple of days earlier than normal.

This whole weekend has been a fun roll in the hay for my husband and I – my libido ON button is firmly activated AND there’s been no associated pain (dyspaneuria). This is awesome of course – since it means we have already surpassed our monthly average. Any time I can show my illness that I’m living life and having fun despite it all, I get really giddy. So…woot! to libido!

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