Bladder pulling

I held in urine to deal with puking husband on first plane ride – i nearly wet myself searching for bathroom at the end of the flight, and then once in the bathroom, it was hard for the urine to start pouring forth, then got a good stream, then it wouldn’t stop – it was a trickle so i pushed a little to get it out…

halfway through second flight, the pain set in – thought it was uterine and/or ovarian – towards the left side. happened when i shifted in my seat or bent forward in my seat.

had a lot of gas on flight home – i let some out but mostly held that in, too. at one point some gas shifted in me and i swear i felt gas bubbles rise all the way up towards my chest – it was creepy.

on the second flight home, i used the bathroom once or twice. i did not have any problem walking the narrow aisle to and from the bathroom, or sitting back down in my seat.

when we got off the plane, my husband needed a bathroom to clean up a bit, and i stood outside the bathroom waiting for him for many minutes.
he emerged from the bathroom and got his belongings, and we set off towards baggage claim.

that’s when the searing pain set in with every step. the pain stabbed every time i moved my left leg forward. i thought i just needed to walk it out, so i kept walking, and grunting in pain.
the pain felt like i had a string tangled inside – connecting from my bladder to the left side of my pubic bone or the left inner crease where my leg meets my pelvis – and every time i took a step with my left leg, it was pulling on this string. each pull felt like it was trying to tear at my bladder and uterus – tear it downwards and to the left.

by the time we rounded the first corner in the airport (perhaps 30 or 60 seconds of walking), i was seriously considering a wheelchair, because i was ready to cry from the pain.

i analysed the pain – it was burning, rather than stabbing or pulsing – which told me i had an acute onset infection of some sort, rather than something being strained.
i ran through all the possible causes:
i held my urine for too long and stained my bladder as a result.
i wore nylon-based panties last night and changed into a new pair this morning because that’s all i had left in my luggage, and now i’ve given myself a UTI as a result.
i’ve been drinking far too much coffee and i had faygo pop three times in the past week, and now i have a UTI as a result.

we had to stop multiple times, and my brows were furrowed from the pain, and i had glassy eyes ready to spill tears. i kept saying WTF and asking out loud what happened and how did this happen, etc. i was really mad at my body. here i was, supposed to be guiding my exhausted husband through baggage claim and out to long term parking so we could get home and get him into the shower – he’d had such a rough flight and had puked several times – but instead, my body began to fail and i ended up being the one who needed care.
my husband of course seemed frustrated – he really wanted to get home, and he really wanted me to press on, but i had to keep stopping. when we emerged from the airport into the ground transportation wing, we could see the long term parking bus up ahead, but i had to stop. we had to stand there for several minutes, because i was starting to cry from the pain. standing or sitting eased the pain from 8.5 down to a 3 on the scale. i became afraid to move any further, and so we stood for i dunno – 10 minutes or so – before i could gather up the courage to walk the rest of the way to the bus stop.

i did not cave in and get a wheelchair because i felt too embarrassed to do so. people on our flight or in general in the airport might see that i was walking just fine to them earlier, and now here i am being a crybaby in a wheelchair. i couldn’t handle what total strangers might think of me. how lame is that?!?

the bus departed as we walked towards it, and my husband slumped his shoulders in frustration. i knew there’d be another bus along shortly but had no energy to say so. we got to the bus stop and i sat down gingerly.
when the next bus arrived, i stood up and cried out in pain. i tried to pull my suitcase but the pain was so strong, i asked my husband to get it onto the bus for me. once on the bus, i sat down and tried to take off my backpack, and cried out in pain again – now even just the effort of moving something more than a pound in weight was too much strain on my pelvic region. people on the bus were staring at me since the moment i set foot on the bus without my luggage. i wanted to tell them to piss off.

I popped a Tylenol 3 but i tell you – it did no good. I had pain all the way home from the airport. I got home and popped 800mg ibuprofen gelcaps and THAT did the trick – within a couple of hours, the pain was fluctuating between 2-5 on the scale.

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