Had to work today

Today was Saturday but I had to work, because it was the parent work hour day at the school I work for.

I was asked at the end of the day yesterday to help steer parents to do work on our outdoor classroom.
I said I’d see how my health was holding up.

I got up this morning and needed an hour and a half to make my body work, as opposed to the usual 45 minutes to an hour I do each day.

I popped 600mg of Ibuprofen and went off to work. I got four hours of manual labor in – hand washing shelf jobs, wiping down furniture, clearing away boxes and trays of stuff, and arranging things that could be washed into the middle of the ‘classroom’ to be hosed down with the high pressure water gun.

While at work, I popped 600mg more of Ibuprofen to stave the pain.

I got home and was wiped out, but was told we had a birthday party to go to. So I took a hot shower and then we went to the local diner for a late lunch. I about fell asleep before we got to the diner.

Being that I’m PMSing, I was craving red meat and milkshakes. Yes, I violated major food rules today, and paid for it half-way through my meal. My entire body felt like crap and I wanted to just throw up everything I’d eaten and ask for Thai food instead, heh.

We went off to our friend’s house for his birthday after we ate lunch, and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening there. While there, I popped 600mg more Ibuprofen for the pain.

I think I’m missing a dose in there somewhere. I’m pretty sure I’ve had a total of 2,000mg of Ibuprofen to get through today.
The pain has been the same – low uterine cramps with occasional right and/or left ovarian stabs.

While at our friend’s house, I had to stretch a few times, do large hip circles, and try to prevent my body from going into pill-bug stance. I was pretty unsuccessful. :(

The PMS has had me very irritable even today, but I kept myself totally in check while at work, and again while we were at our friend’s house. In-between, I let my husband know I was a grump due to PMS – that it wasn’t his fault for any of my grouching.

Ugh. I thought for sure I was going to start my period two days early, on Friday. Looks more now like I’ll be on time or late.

I just want this cycle to be over now, please.

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  1. Jenny

    ((hugs)) Sorry it was such a rough day. I’m glad to hear you were able to get some work done in the outside classroom!!!! I hope that you make it through this period as easily as you can. :( Sorry to hear about the PMS and all. :(