Pain abated, impatient for MRI

my laundry went into the dryer around 5:30pm yesterday, and i slept on the couch the entire hour it was drying. i woke with a cry when the alarm went off, letting me know the laundry was done drying. i trudged to the back of the house, put in a new load to dry, brought back the dry clothes, and went right back to sleep on the couch.

you’d think only 20 minutes had passed, but i slept another entire hour and was rudely awakened by the alarm again. i fetched that load of laundry and brought it back to the house, let it sit in the living room still in the basket, changed into my pajamas, and went to bed.

i was in bed for the night at 7:30pm and only woke when my alarm went off this morning at 6:25am.

my entire face is puffy, most notably my eyes. it could be from allergies – the bedroom was not dusted the entire week we were gone, and we didn’t change the sheets upon our return home. or it could be that my body is retaining fluids – my abdomen has been distended, and my ankles have been more puffy than usual over the past week and a half.

the only thing leaning me towards allergies is that my throat is also feeling swollen/congested.

when i got up and out of bed this morning, there was no uterine/bladder pulling and pain. when i urinated this morning, there was no hesitation, no pain, no discharge, no blood.

we’ll see how today goes, pain-wise.

i’m very impatient for the MRI in two days.

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