Pain Management doctor

Today I had my referral appointment with the pain management doctor.

I gave a rundown of my symptoms to a nurse, went over most of my medication history (what I could recall off the top of my head, cuz I didn’t have notes), talked about my surgery, and noted my own pain management techniques.

The nurse got my blood pressure and pulse (both fine), then stepped out to talk to the doctor.

Then O Ren Ishii came in and described in fast pace everything I need to do for pain management, and she thinks I’m a great candidate for pain management over continued medications.

Ok so she’s not really O Ren Ishii, but she did remind me of her and I did quite enjoy my visuals of her lopping heads of former doctors who refused to believe my pain. >:)

Her actual name is Dr. Pham, and she gave me the official referral to the pain managment shrink that Dr. Giudice wants me to see. Dr. Pham also wants me to try Neurontin as pain-management medication. She said if that doesn’t work, she wants me to look into Cymbalta, which is an antidepressant but works really well for pain management she says, and beyond that, it would be nerve blocks.

I was struck by this, and told her I’d read Dr. Ian Fraser’s lecture about unsheathed myelin nerve clusters being implicated in endometriosis. She looked from me to her nurse assistant and back to me again, smiled a little and said ‘yes’, and seemed awestruck that I’d possess such knowledge. I told her I was grateful that she and Dr. Giudice are on board with Dr. Fraser’s work.

However, I vetoed the nerve block idea, because they are temporary and it’s hard to get an appointment centered around the exact time I’ll be in a lot of pain, in order to get the nerve block. And it’s expensive – it would just milk the insurance. I told Dr. Pham that it would be a great idea if I were in pain 24-7 though. She respected and seemed to agree with me.

I told Dr. Pham that I need to research the neurontin and the cymbalta before getting a prescription from her, and she told me that was fine. I expressed reservations, and noted that I’m super sensitive to medications. We went over my previous go at antidepressants back in 2000-2002 and how I could only take up to 6mg in liquid form of antidepressants, because higher doses than that gave me full body joint pain to the point where I had to undergo months of physical therapy, and felt like I was experiencing growing pains all over again. I talked about how I became schizophrenic on Zoloft after 11 days, and that on Paxil, I lost the ability to feel any emotion except inner restlessness that made it feel like termites in my brain, and exacerbated suicidal ideation to the point that I created a plan to kill myself. So I went to the doctor to get off Paxil, was almost locked up, had to convince the doctor to just switch my meds, and I got on Celexa.
I plateaued on Celexa after 6 months, then fired psychiatrists and antidepressants altogether.

Of course, the doctor nodded and continued to insist I at least give the neurontin and cymbalta a try.

Of course.

Because doctors have always known best for me. I mean, burning off endo lesions during my laparoscopy totally helped with my pain, right? And putting me on Yasmin didn’t make me suicidal, and oh yeah, Iburpofen alone has always done the trick in fully managing the pain, right? Because doctors know best.

When I got home, I researched neurontin, and the side effects are scary as all get-out. I searched the Daily Strength forum and found displeasing info there, and sought out info on LiveJournal.

I googled for info on neurontin and it’s other name – gabapentin, and found the following:

Anticonvulsant drugs tied to increased risk of suicide

Neurontin (Gabapentin) – Adverse Event Reports – Death – Suicidal Ideation

Common Migraine, Epilepsy Drugs Linked to Suicide Risk

Certain Anticonvulsants Linked to Increased Risk for Suicide, Violent Death

Yeah uh… how ’bout no.

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