The Waiting Game – part II

I don’t feel like I fully conveyed my sense of frustration and panic over my highly regular cycle throwing me for this much of a loop.

When my period is even a day late, I freak out, since it’s a trigger for me. I’ve been pregnant twice in my life, with the first time being at age 18. I have never gotten over the trauma from that first unwanted pregnancy – I always feel like I’ll be in big trouble, like my life will be over, like I’ve really screwed up this time, etc. The weight of this stress is enough to throw my shoulders and back out. I’m nearly to that point today, and I took a mental health day off work because of it.

I feel like I’m in limbo whenever my period is late. I go through each minute of each day knowing I should have been bedridden already. I’d already planned for the time off work. I’d already stocked up on groceries and tried to prep the house for my descent to the underworld. And then george is a no-show and I’m left biding my time, Waiting For It.
I’m in that special hell where I cannot exert myself too much because it causes pain…but I’m not in debilitating pain. And I’m super tired – I want to sleep all day and all night. And yet because there is no constant gnawing pain and/or bleeding going on, I feel like I’m expected to BE somewhere and DO something productive. But my body isn’t up for it. But my mind is restless. So the guilt sets in. I have video blogged about the guilt before (catch it here and here), but it’s so hard to LEARN the lesson and just be okay with whatever my cycle is doing – just roll with it.

I get so caught up in knowing where my uptime and downtime is, that if I end up with a little more uptime than expected, I freak out over it. I feel like something is seriously wrong. It’s like I’ve told myself I’m not allowed to go over 25 days between menstrual cycles – that if I do, it means I’ve messed up big time (see above-mentioned trigger).

Now, the last time my menstrual cycle did a huge change on me was 13 years ago, probably as I was settling in from a major life change – moving across country.

Now I’m edging up on the age of menopause, so I should expect that my menstrual cycle is going to start acting funny, and that this will last for years until I stop menstruating altogether.

But it’s not reassuring. I know I have an ovarian cyst, that I’m prone to the cysts, and that if the cysts grows bigger than 4cm, I have to consider cancer testing.

I have an MRI scheduled in two weeks, but I’m not reassured. I called the doctor but they have no openings today or tomorrow, the soonest I can get the MRI is next week, but I’ll be in Michigan.

So it’s the waiting game. I’m in Limbo, that special hell where I wait for either my period to show up or positive pregnancy test or the MRI to confirm Something Bad™.

This morning, I went out back of the house and tried a bit of tetris in the storage unit. It went well, but the exertion left me nauseous, dizzy, weak/trembling. Between that and the fact that my vaginal mucus FINALLY turned slightly pinkish this morning, that’s all I have to go on that george will be here soon.

Normally it’s nothing for me to lift and move a few things in the storage unit…but it’s 30 minutes later and I’m still shakey and nauseous. The nausea is from the damned ovarian cyst.

My cats caught sight of the cat carrier and luggage and made their way quickly to the closet. Now I keep hearing a scratching sound, but I don’t think it’s the cats. At least, it wasn’t when I last checked. Someone next door outside or someone upstairs from me is sweeping or brushing at something, I guess. But it’s driving me nuts because I’m already in a panic state. I turned on Internet radio to drown the brain weasels and the scratching noise. It’s helping a little.

In the meantime, the nerves have flared up in my legs – I’m getting nerve pain down my inner thighs and tops of my legs all the way to my calves. Usually the pain only goes to my knees. The radiating nerve pain is another sign of george.

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