Today is fired

I am very happy to have received a teacher appreciation award, a free luncheon, free desserts, and a gift certificate.

I am PMSing fiercely and needed 1,000mg Ibuprofen to get through the workday today. My lower back killed me all day. I had moderate low uterine cramps all day. I burst into tears at the sight of my teacher appreciation gift, startling those around me.

I could not eat the lunch except for the salad because it was all glutenous. I could not eat the desserts I wanted to eat because it was all glutenous, except for the flan and the ultra sugary meringues (well I’m not even supposed to have those cuz I can’t have eggs).

Several teachers and parents were perfumed with toxic chemicals which gave me sore throat, headache, sticky eyes, sudden extreme fatigue, irritability, and made me gag and sneeze a lot.

When I got home from work, there was nothing ready to eat. I hadn’t eaten any protein all day. My husband preferred grocery shopping to dining out so we went to the grocery, where I was assaulted with toxic fragrances from people in the aisles of the store. I became openly irritable and nearly broke down in tears. We got most of what we needed and got out of there. We tried to go to Walgreens to get my prescriptions for Tylenol 3 and Vanicream body lotion but I had to leave cuz a lady who stepped in line next to me (not behind me mind you but next to me) was heavily perfumed and I began choking.

I got home, we made ourselves dinner, we sat down and ate dinner.

And then I had a food reaction.

It started with a headache half-way through dinner.

After I was finished eating, I got up to rinse my plate and got dizzy. I made it to the sink and began washing my plate and I got dizzy again. And again. I slowly made my way to the bathroom and in the mirror I beheld a beet red face and a blotchy red neck and chest. That means food allergy.
My pulse was within normal range but my temperature was 99.7°F.

I took a children’s benadryl tablet (I can’t take adult dosage because I get anxiety/panic/palpitations).

Then I went and changed into my pajamas.

When I took my bra off, my upper chest screamed in pain because the boobs had dropped out of the bra, and the pressure/weight of the hanging breasts makes me want to scream. My nipples too make me want to scream, they’re so tender. This is day three of breast and nipple pain, but today the pain is the worst yet.

So uh, today is fired. I’m going to bed. Good night.

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