What is going on

i was able to sleep through the night and i woke up pain-free.

i went to work today but by 10am, pain was setting in again. it wasn’t the same pain as the day before – this time the pain felt like premenstrual cramps and was situated in the lower back, radiating around to the front. the pain felt more ovarian and uterine than bladder-related.

i went to the bathroom at 11am and to my horror, saw pink on the tissue. i wiped again and there was none.
at 12:15pm, i went to the bathroom again – same thing – blood the first time and none the second time. pretty frustrating because i don’t know if the blood is in my urine or if it is vaginal. i did however have a significant amount of clear, slippery vaginal mucous last night, and the mucous was bright yellow viscous today. my first thought was, ‘based on all the pain i was in yesterday, did another ovarian cyst rupture?’

the thing is, my symptoms are not the same as they were in march. i did not have nausea, i did not have pinching in the ovaries – it felt like the pinching was in the bladder and/or uterus and hurting on the left side. Perhaps my left ovary has been pulled by adhesions again? at time of surgery, my left ovary was found to be twisted and stuck to the back of my uterus.

i took no medication today because i wanted to see how bad the pain would get.

the pain has been steady at 3-4 on the scale all day, and i have had pain radiating down my inner thighs towards my knees (but the pain stops halfway between). i am extremely tired, and as a matter of fact, i’m sleeping while the laundry is being done, and likely just going to bed for the night.


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