Had a good half a day

The pain and bleeding did not ramp up again until 2:27pm today.

I had gone to bed right after a shower last night, around 10:30pm.
It was the second night in a row that I’d gone into the bedroom for a moment and just fell asleep for the night.
I did not wake up until 11am today, and I was still very tired upon waking. I forced myself to eat some breakfast and stay awake. I decided to call my cousin back and chat for a bit, and also check in on the news feeds for endometriosis. I finally put a new article up on the main site.

I had spent the second day in a row at the kitchen table, because during this cycle, the pain has been mitigated best by sitting upright in a hard chair. Strange, but I’ve learned to go with it. I had just finished publishing my article, when I felt the familiar pain start to spread out in my pelvis. It feels hollow at first, then it’s like a melon-baller is being used on my uterus. At that point I stood up, and of course I knew what would come next… GUSH!
I went to the toilet, and I think I know what caused my latest round of pain and bleeding – I had to have a movement, and I’m constipated, so things were backing up and pushing all up on my uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. That is what caused the pain, I’m suspecting.

While I was in the bathroom, the neighbors next door decided they’d like to use the gas leaf blower and weed whacker…and of course my windows are open. I darted from the bathroom and closed the windows. That’s when the phone decided to start ringing. I ignored it.
Why does everything need to happen when I’m trying to take care of myself?
I nearly vomited from the strain and pain. I’ve been taking my calcium citrate pills but it’s not enough to fight the constipation caused by all the Tylenol 3.

Speaking of which, I have not had ANY pain medication since about 3am. The last thing I took was some codeine cough syrup.

Now that the pain has set back in, I just (2:53pm) popped a full Tylenol 3 while I wait for my unhealthy lunch of rice noodle Macaroni & Cheese to cook. I ate half a sesame seed/peanut butter/honey crepe from Trader Joe’s before consuming the medication.

Soon I will have to be bedridden again.

I spent half the day doing stuff for me, at the expense of getting homework done. Now I am in pain, so getting any homework done today will be a challenge. Enter GUILT.


Since this is Day 4 of menstruation, and I had several hours’ break in my bleeding, perhaps this is the Last Gasp. Perhaps by tomorrow I’ll just be spotting and on to renewed health for a couple of weeks again.
I can hope.

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