The calm before the storm

This evening, just after 6pm, the pain ceased. This happened after I took the half Tylenol 3 and after I had repositioned myself in a kneeling position over the side of the bed, instead of sitting on the bed.

The bleeding continued, although it eased up a bit. When my husband got home from work, I still told him I wasn’t up for going out tonight. I spent the evening continuing my studies for school.

By 7pm, my knees hurt from kneeling, even though I got up frequently or changed position a bit to ease the weight off the knees, and so I stopped sitting on my knees altogether. I got back on the bed to continue my reading, and stretched out my legs.

Sitting on the bed or the couch this time around does no good for my pelvic pain – it kicks it back up again. So I laid on my side until my arm and shoulder became painful, then I switched sides until the other side became painful.

By 9pm, I grew restless and stood up as I read my homework. I carried the book around, marching, stretching my leg out behind me, in front of me, one at a time. I leaned forward with my butt out and back as straight as I could. All of this stretching felt good.

The restlessness happens every month after I’ve been bedridden for a couple of days. It’s normal, of course. When the lull in bleeding and/or pain happens, the restlessness increases, and I get impatient.

I know that this is the calm before the storm. I know that The Last Gasp is coming. I know that I will be pain free with little to no bleeding for up to 24 hours before the pain and bleeding return again full force for half a day and then winks out until the next menstrual cycle. This is how it is with my period.

And so after two days of heavy pain and bleeding, here we are at that moment – the calm.

In my impatience to hurry up The Last Gasp, I stretched so much that I have the post-exercise feeling in my legs. The pelvic pain has kicked up to about a 2 on the scale.

But it seems no matter what I do, daring The Last Gasp to just get it over with already, just doesn’t work – it won’t happen on command. I swear to [insert deity here], I have in the past willingly in a dare routine, ingested corn-syrup-ladden beverages to try to provoke the pain and bleeding again, just to get it all out, done and over with. And it didn’t work.
I have jumped up and down to try to shake loose the debris inside my uterus. I have run in place. I have stretched as I did tonight. Nothing works. I’m in The Calm before the storm.

It’s SO bizzare.

George is in there, snickering at me, biding his time, and he’ll unleash The Last Gasp only on his time.

What a bastard.

And so here I remain in the Underworld. In Limbo. I’m not free to go, yet.

12:32am edit:
Around midnight, as I was telling my husband about the bizzare dream from last night, the bleeding, nausea and pain ramped up again. It had been six hours of relative calm before the next wave.

I wonder – me laying on my back around 10:30pm, bent over the side of the bed, performing fascia manipulation on my abdomen – did that help restore the flow and thus the pain and nausea?

I wonder – did the stretching I’d done earlier help to restore the flow and pain and nausea?

I wonder – me getting nervous and scared during the retelling of my bizzaro dream – did that stimulate a hormonal release and set the flow and pain back into motion, and with it, the nausea?

I wonder if it was all of the above.

I wonder if it was none of the above, and just that bastard george saying It’s Time…

Either way, now I have taken another half of a Tylenol 3 and 400mg Advil gel-caps.

As I wait for the meds to kick in, my stomach has started growling to let me know ooops, you took the meds on an empty stomach!

Wonderful. Please don’t let me also get a stomach ache. I’m gonna go eat something right now.

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