It’s about to begin…

Today I woke with low-grade vaginal and pelvic cramping, and the need to keep ‘checking’ to see if I’m spotting, yet. I can’t handle the continual need to ‘check’, so I threw on a pad. But every time I go to the bathroom, I’m still ‘checking’. I swear, it’s either obsessive compulsive behaviour or it’s some instinctual female thing. Either way, it’s annoying as hell.

I set out to run my errands, but did not bicycle. I drove my car, instead. I’m too fatigued and the low-grade pelvic discomfort is making me whiney. While driving, I had to have one hand on my inner knee, firmly holding the acupressure point, to try to settle the cramps down.

I also began having hypoglycemic attacks starting on Saturday. I usually get hypoglycemic pretty easily right before my period. Waking up hypoglycemic, and having it made worse by drinking red raspberry tea, was also quite annoying.

George is due on Thursday, but at this rate, I say he’ll be here by Tuesday night.

I have this huge amount of info to share, but I’m not sure yet if it can be related to this journal and this health condition or not, so I’m leaving it off this journal for now. You can read all about it over at my other journal, though. Once I determine its relevancy to this journal, I’ll port the entries over, just like I did before…in order to create this blog.

2:07pm Edit: WTF is it with my bowels today? This is the third dump I’ve had to take. This is WAY out of the norm for me, since by nature I’m a constipated pain in the ass.
Is the endo break-dancing on my bowels or something? Is it my stress level because I’m STILL trying to finish all the homework I got from the teacher training summer intensive? What the hell, man…

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