Not a total loss

The drugs and the pain did take me down pretty hard Saturday morning. I went back to sleep on the couch, and didn’t get up til around 1:30pm. I went to the bedroom to change out of my pajamas, and ended up going back to bed!! I didn’t get up again until my landlady called me at 2:23pm.

I put on some street clothes and had to deal with the landlady – her husband finally replaced the hard-wired smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector, and they inspected the source of the banging pipes we’ve been complaining about. The sprinkler system hasn’t been going on in the morning, but the pipe system outside clicks, and the pipes in the walls bang from the vibration/pressure. They never did tell me if they FIXED the pipe issue. I’ll find out tomorrow morning if the pipes begin banging again.

After the landlords stopped by, I felt sufficiently awake to tackle some homework. I spent the rest of the day doing homework, until 11pm. I FINALLY finished binder #3 out of 5 for the Language Arts class I took in July. The remaining two binders are about 50 pages each, and hopefully I don’t have much to illustrate, as a lot of them are just word lists. Then it’s on to the Mathematics binder, which is only half finished. I still have 70-something illustrations to do for that binder, plus photographs and quotations.
There’s more – LOTS more – but I’ll just focus that far ahead for now so I don’t have a panic attack.

Getting back to how my body did for the rest of the day – the bleeding and the pain both subsided. I had stabbing right side ovarian pain intermittently throughout the day, and my lower back hurt pretty bad at times, but for the most part, I was feeling much better Saturday afternoon than I had felt in the morning.

Around 7pm, however, the pain started ramping up again, and the bleeding resumed, although it was not heavy. As a precaution, I took another 600mg Advil and a Tylenol 3, so, total medication for Saturday was 1,200mg Advil, and two Tylenol 3.

Once I finished with my homework, I pushed myself to work a little bit more by scrubbing down the shower and tub with Borax after my shower, so that I could soak in the tub. My reward was a nice long soak in hot epsom salt and lavender bubble water. Ahhhhhhhh.

My low and mid back is still too tight for comfort, but the rest of me is relaxed jello goodness. Wish my husband was home to give me a massage – he’s still out with friends, and it’s after 1am. *grumble* I texted him and he didn’t answer. NOT COOL. So I called him. *relief* he’s driving a friend home and will be on his way home soon.

Two last things before I go:

The nausea is still an issue – intermittently throughout the day Saturday, and it kicked up again after my soak in the tub tonight.

Last night before I went to bed for the night, I tried to remember some Chi Nei Tsang stuff I was taught a couple years ago. Basically, I just pushed and held gently along the connective tissue near my belly button. I was hoping this would help with the pain and maybe slow the bleeding, but it was a total fail. On the other hand, I had a very nice bowel movement when I woke Saturday morning – the Chi Nei Tsang if nothing else always gets the bowels moving smoothly…

I knew you wanted to get that bit of TMI as the end of my journal entry. It’s only appropriate to happen at the end!

Okay, okay, I’m going, now. Good night.

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