Scary moments with endometriosis

At 10:40am, I bled through a super thick fabric pad, super thick fabric liner, my underwear, down to my pajama bottoms.

This has never happened before – not with the doubled up super thick pads.

Forty minutes later, I checked myself again and I’ve already bled through the second thick pad and thick liner.

I’m on the line calling my GYN now.

…dammit…voicemail again. It’s always voicemail.

Called the local doctor and also left a message.

I’m getting faster, better advice from my endo sisters on facebook! As usual!

The answer is basically, “DON’T PANIC”, and also, big shocker, the doctors are full of crap when they say increased nausea and bleeding are not due to the endometrioma or any ovarian cyst.

Thank you, sisters. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

… just made it past the hour mark without bleeding through a third pad, so I think things are settling down.

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