The last gasp – let’s hope

The pain and bleeding stopped overnight, so this morning I got up, made breakfast with my husband, ate, got dressed, and went to the weekly Alexander Technique pain management class today at the dispensary.

While in class, we are told to stand up, sit down, stand up again, sit down, etc. We are showed how to move our body in more natural alignment, rather than moving always in protective or preemptive mode because of the pain.

I had just sat back down, and I felt a trickle. I’d been in class for about 15 or 20 minutes at this point. I did not get up and rush to take any medication, however, because the instructor hates pills and the whole purpose of this class is to show us how to move in ways that lessen the pain. So I sat there, and the pain began to ramp up.

And well, I was sobbing within 10 minutes of the trickle.

No position the instructor could put me in would help. I laid on my back, and the instructor showed the whole class – they all (there were six of us plus the instructor today) had to lay on their backs.
What is interesting is that everything he was showing them, I was already doing on my own; open up the shoulders. Open up the pelvis. Put both legs down on the ground. Make the back touch the ground fully. Release those muscles.

The tears streamed down my face when the next pain flare hit. The instructor came over to me again and tried to help me by taking my left leg, bending it, and pushing it up towards my chest, very slowly. I told him that hurt a lot in the pelvic region. He then showed me how to put my right leg up, left leg back down, and roll over onto my left side. Then he had me get to all fours, then bring the left leg forward to use to push myself upright. I wailed and tears flew, and he helped pull me gently to my feet and let me sit in a chair for the rest of the session.

After the class, he said it is rare to have someone in that much pain coming to his class. I told him I’d been bedridden this weekend, and knew that today would be a respite for a few hours before the next pain wave hit. He told me ‘ahh so you took a chance’. He told me I was brave. He thanked me for coming out despite the pain, and said he hoped to see me again next week.
I thanked him for being nice and caring and helpful.

I got outside to my car and called my husband, but he was not answering his phone. I assumed he either left the house without his phone or was in the shower. Either way, though, it made me upset, because I needed him.

I stood there for a few minutes, gathering myself, and then slowly got into my car and slowly drove myself home. I experienced the usual burning sensation of pain in the pelvis, and occasional stabbing pain which made me grit my teeth all the way home. I sat hunched and to the right side because of the pain. Every time I tried to lean back in my chair and open up my shoulders and chest and straighten up, the pain was worse.

When I got within three blocks of home, my husband called me back and apologised; said he’d been in the shower. I asked him to meet me out front to help me get out of my car, and he did. He asked if the pain had come back during the class. I said yes, and he gave me a big hug.

I got in the house and was medicating with 1.5 Tylenol 3 and 600mg Advil, when the next wave of pain hit. It was knifing and in the right ovary. I nearly dropped the bottle of Tylenol 3 into the sink. I clutched the bottle and the sink and sobbed. Tears poured from my eyes. My husband stood there over me to support me. He took the medication from me and steadied me. He opened up the Advil so I could take that medication.

After several minutes of sobbing, the pain eased off, and I said I needed a moment alone in the bathroom. I knew I was passing something. Sure enough, several thick, dark clots had come through. The colouration was nearly brown, the red was so dark.

After that, I got the heating pads and sat in the hard kitchen chair. My husband was close to me the whole time, hugging on me, braiding my hair, talking with me.

In all, the horrible pain lasted roughly an hour and 45 minutes.

I’m doing better now that meds kicked in and I have two heating pads on me. I am still bleeding moderately and passing clots.

I was in less pain bleeding profusely on Friday and Saturday. Today is easily the worst of the pain – I definitely hit 9 on the pain scale today.

And now the meds are taking me under. I must sleep.

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